Design Wall Monday--January 9, 2012

This first week of January was spent trying to get back to normal after the holidays, and after having Matthew with us for two weeks.  We had a wonderful visit with our son, and I took him to the train station on Wednesday. 

After he left, the exhaustion of the season sort of settled over me.  In looking back, I didn't feel as if I'd done that much or been over worked.  Still, a lot happened.  I'd done a lot of cooking and baking and I was tired.  I kind of sank into it and didn't accomplish much after Matthew left. 

There was a time when I would have silently berated myself for wasting so much time, but getting older has taught me to be patient with others and with myself.  I'm learning to listen to my body and my spirit and let the days happen as they may, especially when I have no outside demands on my time.  I've always been a fairly busy person, and so taking a few days of down time here and there won't cause the world to stop turning on its axis.  (Aren't you glad that I don't control the rotation of Planet Earth?)

So what did I accomplish sewing-wise?  Well . . . I finished the Oregon in January doll quilt swap I'm doing for the Quilting Board.  It still needs quilting and that's moving up my list of things to do very quickly.  I'd like to finish it in the coming week.

Also, I started my January NewFO project.  I made the Amish Bars blocks for the Plain and Simple quilt.

Finally, I completed the first six blocks for the Just Takes 2 sew along quilt.

I'm really liking this quilt so far.  The second set of six blocks will come out on the 15th.  Between now and then I'd like to finish up the two remaining swap blocks I have for January, finish my block for the Free Motion Quilting challenge, and quilt the two doll quilts I have sitting waiting to be quilted.  That's a fairly ambitious agenda, but I think I can finish it before the next blocks come out for the Just Takes 2 quilt.  How was your week in sewing?

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6 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Your r/w blocks are coming wonderfully. I put the button up to inspire others, but I am on the sidelines with this one. Yes, the world doesn't end if you aren't rotating with it.

Snoodles said...

I think I actually felt the slowing of the rotation...and I appreciate it, since it coincided with a nap that I wanted and needed. LOL
Love your red and white blocks - so inspiring. I think I need to do blue and white. :)

WoolenSails said...

I haven't gotten much done with sewing and want to do some new projects to put up now, so will work on those first, then I can do my UFO's. I really like the Oregon piece, I want to do more art style pieces.


Mrs.Pickles said...

Great work those blocks all turned out great and the quilt is beautiful!

Diane Wild said...

I love those red blocks. They are beautiful. What is that "pin it" thingamajig at the bottom of your posts? I'm reluctant to click on it. What does it do?

Teresa in Music City said...

Looks to me like you were pretty productive! I like the way your red & white is coming along. The Amish blocks are really unique with an almost modern feel to the design, except for the color of course. And of course I have already raved about your Oregon quilt!

I've learned to listen to my body and my mood. If I feel like taking a break, I do, and in the end I'm much better off for it, and my work is better too. Good for you recognizing the need for a break & doing it!