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Here are some things you might like knowing about:

First, there is a terrific giveaway going on at Stray Stitches.  You could win one of these fat quarter bundles.  I just love these colors. 

Get the details here.

Next, there's a Quilts for Quilters swap going on at the Quilting Board.  You can get the details here.  If you're not a member of the Quilting Board, you'll have to sign up, but this is a forum of really smart and active quilters.  If you're not a member, I think you'll enjoy it.  No worries about getting spammed either.

I've already started a quilt for my partner, but sign-ups are open until December 15th.  You have until next July to complete a lap-size quilt for your partner.  There are now 50 participants representing five countries:  Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, and the USA. 

There are still some states that are not represented:  Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, North and South Dakota, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Maine, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Georgia and the District of Columbia.  If you live in one of those states (or even if you don't) why not join in?  Oh, and by the way, see the northernmost purple spot in Oregon?  That would be me!  My partner is the middle Oregon purple spot.  (I've always wanted to be a purple spot.)

Next, there's another giveaway going on over at Love Affair with my Brother.  You could win this beautiful jelly roll from the Fat Quarter Shop.

Finally, there are just a few days left to vote in The Quilt Pattern Magazine's kitty contest.  If you haven't voted yet, Gracie would love to have your vote.  You can see the kitties here and you can vote here.  Gracie is kitty #18 (but she's #1 in my book).


4 comments from clever and witty friends:

Snoodles said...

Love that paper pieced quilt top down below....really nice! And the "frosty morning" picture is awesome! I went and voted for Gracie, but it told me I had already voted...I didn't remember that, but I guess I did! LOL Moses is quite transfixed by George's picture, and Gracie's, too, when they come up on the screen. Oh, I wish I wasn't so over-committed....I'd love to take part in that swap!

quiltzyx said...

I'll have to wander over to the Board & check that out. Even if I'm unemployed come Dec 1st, I still have a big stash to work out of!

Alycia said...

Thanks for sharing the giveaways. I voted for Gracie!!!

LethargicLass said...

what is your handle on it so I can say you referred me? Haven't totally decided to commit yet... will read more about it lol...