Foto Finish: Two Colors

This week's Foto Finish theme is Two Colors

Here's my entry:

I'm not sure the name of this plant, but we have lots of it growing wild in the Northwest.  I took this picture the last time we were up camping at Ike Kinswa State Park near Mossyrock, Washington.  We used to go camping at Ike Kinswa every summer when the kids were little.  We took a break for several years, and then started up again when they were older (no reason, other than time).  A good friend also went with us every year.  As time has worn on, kids have grown up and friends have moved on.  So when I say this picture was taken "the last time we were up camping,"  I'm afraid I mean it really is the last time.  I always know good times like these will end some day, and I suppose that's part of life.  New traditions are always forming, and while it's sad to say good-bye to the old ones, the new ones are every bit as enjoyable.  (Thanksgiving always has me feeling a little nostalgic.)

So for next week's theme, I'm thinking:  Birds  (Any birds . . . cooked or uncooked.)

Now I'm ready for your two colors.  Here's Mr. Linky.

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6 comments from clever and witty friends:

Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

I love your two colors, they're the very picture of fall! I let mine do double duty today - more fall colors!

Also, your icon I link from is missing; did you replace it?

MareeR said...

I kept coming back to images of a flower against green foliage but couldn,t decide which one. This morning when I looked again this image stood out as being prdominantly two colours. Love the autumn colours in your photo.

Dana Gaffney said...

That's so pretty Barbara, is it always those colors or is it changing with the seasons?

quiltzyx said...

I love plants that show off their colors like that! There are a few around here where the leaves come out red & then turn green.
And so of the season!

otterdaughter said...

Your resident expert (aka annoying know-it-all) is here to tell you that the plant in your picture is none other than Oregon Grape. It is a native evergreen shrub, but after 2-3 years they will change color with the season.
Yes, the fruits are edible. About the most I can say for the flavor is that it's not quite as horrid as Salal. :)

Linda said...

Yay! Finally got Mr. Linky to work for me again. I was shopping last week, and this lovely moon was rising over the stores! I cropped out the stores, parking lot lights, etc to make this two colors!