Some Dry Weather

Our weather has been relatively dry this week.  Earlier in the week, Mike and I took the opportunity to walk across the top of our mountain.  Yesterday, we took the opportunity to walk at the bottom of the mountain.  We saw a lot of these woolly caterpillars crossing the road, as we did when we walked earlier in the week.

Did you ever hear the lore about woolly caterpillars predicting the weather?  I don't care what anyone says, I want to believe it's true. 

We enjoyed the fall colors on the leaves and the berries we saw along the way.

While I was composing those images, I started getting the feeling that I was being watched. 

It was good that we got out early because later in the day the fog and drizzle moved in.  Mike and the kitties parked themselves next to the fire . . . always a good place to be this time of year.

As for me, I added two more borders to the Sunshine on my Shoulders quilt.

And today, I added the first side of the pieced border.

I have a little schedule mapped out for myself about where I need to be with this to be able to finish by the end of the month.  I'm happy to say that I am a day ahead of schedule!

Also today, I made my 4 Patch 4 Hope blocks.  As I said in my earlier post, there are "awareness" colors for different forms of cancer.  I made these blocks in honor of women in my family who have died from the disease, in the colors set aside for the forms of the disease that took them from us.

Light green, for my mother, Clarice Nelson, who died in 1997 from lymphoma:

Pink for my mother-in-law, Jane Stanbro, who died in 1999 from breast cancer:

and Burgundy for my aunt, Joan Maust, who died earlier this year from multiple myeloma:

These were all wonderful women who had a tremendous influence in my life.  I miss them all, but I'm grateful for the many years I was able to spend with them.


Kari @ The Purple Quiltapotamus said...

I love the 'tree people' !!

The four patch blocks are lovely, what a beautiful dedication to the women in your life that lost their battles to cancer but will never be forgotten.

quiltzyx said...

I truly love to go on walks with you Barbara! I never run out of breath.... :D

A day ahead of schedule! Way to go!!

Nice dedications on your 4Patch4Hope blocks.

Sand and Sunshine said...

What a great nature walk. Nice progress on your quilt top as well.