Baking on Friday (Saturday Edition): A Peeling

Get it?  Appealing?  Ha!  Sometimes I'm just so funny I can't stand myself.

Ahem.  Sorry.  It's apple season, which means it's time for me to bake my annual apple pie.  I used a combination of Granny Smith's and Fuji's for this pie.

I used the same recipe I use every year, which is from my favorite baking resource:

For some reason, the crust gave me no end of trouble.  I finally chucked it and turned to my emergency back-up crust:

A baker has to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.  It's not as beautiful as it might have been home-made, but I doubt our taste buds will complain.

I'm not linking to the recipe I used because I'm unhappy with the crust recipe as it was written.  I'm still exploring pie crusts looking for the perfect one that I can make without too much trouble.  (They can be so fussy, you know.) 

While the pie baked, I finished up my Christmas swap project. 

It still needs binding.  I'm using a green solid.  I think I'll probably put some hot fix crystals on the tree to look like ornaments.  Other than that, it's all finished, and that completes all my swaps for the month.  The Christmas swap isn't due until next month, but we might be gearing up for a trip, and so I want it finished now.  I'll say more about the trip if we decide to go.

George was my constant companion today.  He really doesn't like baking or sewing, but it was raining, and he was bored.  (Do you suppose the fur on his neck will ever grow back?  That's where they shaved him to draw his blood a month ago.)

8 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kate said...

George looks very annoyed and bored. I hope his spirits cheered up at some point.

Your Christmas swap is so cute. Your swap buddy is very lucky!

otterdaughter said...

Are you using the new Crisco with 'no trans fats' in it? We've had nothing but trouble trying to make pie crust with the new stuff. The texture is just all wrong.
I finally gave up and now use the Krusteaze pie crust mix instead of having to use lard like some people I know.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

I am unable to see what could improve the look of your pie, Barb. Perhaps a fork and a giant bowl of real vanilla ice cream...

Sand and Sunshine said...

Your pie is beautiful, I'd never guess it was a helper crush. I have a great pie crust recipe, which I'd share but it's a whole wheat crust and not everyone likes that. My mother-in-law once ate the entire pumpkin pie filling out of her slice of one of my pies and left the crust behind in the perfect untouched shape, didn't even bother to taste it.

George looks like he's getting along alright, his fur is nice and thick where he was shaved, a bit more time. Sunny is still sporting a shorter patch where my six year old took a sample of his furr over the summer holiday.

Loretta said...

That pie looks awesome! If you don't mind, i'll be over in a sec...don't worry, I have my own fork! LOL! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

My cat had his stomach shaved for an ultrasound and it took almost a full year for it to grow completely back in -- I'm sure that George's fur will grow back soon enough. Handsome kitty!

ArgusMom said...

I have a cat that had his belly shaved so that he could have an ultrasound and the hair never grew back.

Sand and Sunshine said...

This backup crust of yours, where in the store do you find it and how is it packaged? Seems DH let it slip a couple of weeks ago that he'd like a pie with white crust for once.