Baking on Friday: Sour Cherry Coffee Cake

This recipe first appeared in April, 2011, on the website All You, which is one I'm not familiar with.  It appears to be a sort of lifestyle website.  I found it because it came with a daily email I receive from myrecipes.com.

The recipe went together fast, and it baked up nice, although it took about 15 minutes longer in my oven that the recipe stated.  Nevertheless, it looks pretty, and I sneaked a little piece out of the side to see how it tasted.  Mmmm.  Good.  Now I can't wait for breakfast tomorrow.

It seems a shame to use the canned cherries called for in the recipe when fresh ones are in season.  That's what I did, but I can't see any reason why fresh ones wouldn't substitute just fine.  On the other hand, the canned ones come pre-pitted.  (I wonder where they grow those pre-pitted cherries?  Do tell if you know.)

I weeded the garden this morning.  It is predictably disappointing.  I'm learning to be grateful for whatever grows and to not focus on what doesn't grow.  I have a little of everything I planted--"a little" being the operative words in that sentence.  I'm glad I'm not dependent on the garden for sustenance, or we would have starved to death a few years ago.  The three tomatoes and cucumbers growing in the greenhouse are growing like gangbusters, however.  I'm thinking that might be the way to go for next year and all the years that come after.  I'm sort of excited about it, but I'll have to wait until next year to try it now.  (In case you're wondering, the greenhouse isn't heated, and so it's only in use during the regular growing season.)

Now I'm off to feed the birds, and then to sew.  I'm almost finished with the row of "Sunshine on my Shoulders" blocks I'm making.  When those are finished, I'll be half-way finished with the quilt!

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Anonymous said...

As the kids say, OMG. I could fall right off the wagon for that one. And get back up clutching a big piece, with a mouthful, too! LOL
I have to adapt recipes to my lo carb ingredients - but that one looks like the investment of time would be very worthwhile! Yummy!
Jacque in SC