More Sunshine

Another row of blocks for the "Sunshine on My Shoulders" quilt is complete:

These took the better part of three days to finish.  It takes a long time to cut them.  With so many fabrics, each strip has to be cut individually because I'm trying to get a good mix of darks, lights, yellows, and oranges.  These are all the blocks I have for this quilt so far:

That makes three of six rows complete.  I'm halfway through . . . that is, if you don't count the borders that I still need to make! 

After all that, I decided to make up the next stitchery for my "Winter Wonderland" quilt.  this one is 15 x 44.  Sorry the colors are so weird.  It's hard to make the un-embroidered lines show up, and the tone-on-tone of the white gives off this weird rainbow effect.  Anyway . . . I think you can get the idea.

That ought to keep me busy for a while.  And with that, I think I'm finished sewing for the day.  It's been a busy day of weeding, baking, and sewing.  Thank goodness it's leftovers for dinner!

2 comments from clever and witty friends:

Mimi said...

This quilt is beautiful - your meticulous work shows and it's amazing!!

Rachel D said...

I am loving this color combo!