Warm Day

We're supposed to hit our first 80 degree day of the year tomorrow.  It's an absolutely beautiful day here.  We, in Oregon, are so ready for it.  It's been a long, dark, rainy spring for the second year in a row.  Ordinarily, I would have my vegetable garden in by now, but it's simply been too cold.  There's been a question in my mind whether it would warm up enough in time.  Our local newspaper ran an article saying that June 15th was the last day to plant and still have any hope of a harvest.  Since we're at a higher elevation, our season is even shorter.  Either way, the plan is to plant the garden this weekend.  The tomatoes and cucumbers are already started.  The rest will be planted from seed.

George and I went for a walk this afternoon.  He's been bucking to get outside all week, but this has been the first really nice day.  Things in the yard are bursting forth in bloom.  The rhododendrons are beautiful, and there are still a few that haven't opened yet.

The bumble bees were out in force.  That's a good thing because I haven't seen any bees this year.  Our Italian prune plum tree has bloomed and is mainly finished except for a few flowers.

The poor thing always blooms in the rain when there isn't anything to pollinate it.  We got two plums the first year we planted it, but since then, none.  It's too bad because I love Italian prune plums.  We had one at our other house.  I like picking them off the tree and eating them until I'm sick.

The azaleas are bright and beautiful.

The wisteria is in bloom over the front door.  We sometimes get blossoms in the fall on this one too.

Things in the woods seem to have grown a foot or more since the last time George and I walked. 

Everything there is green and lush.

Aside from walking and baking, it's an "in the kitchen" kind of a day.  I'm in the process of making baked beans from scratch.  I've never made them from scratch before.  The only kind of baked beans I've ever made are the kind made with a can opener.  I'll have to let you know later how they turn out.  It's a two-day process with soaking them and then baking them in a warm oven most of the day.  I'm looking forward to tasting them.  How's your June day going?

3 comments from clever and witty friends:

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Slow sad day, But, I heard that if you cook the beans with a pinch of baking soda and then scrape the foam that comes to the top off the pot, no more gassy problems. Have yet to try it myself.

Jo said...

It is really beautiful out today! I work a 4 on 2 off schedule and my first of 4 is today (of course) all I need now is for the weather fairy to give me some nice weather on my days off! I am crossing my fingers for next Tuesday and Wednesday!

quiltzyx said...

Wow! The flowers are gorgeous!

Good luck with your baked beans. I haven't ever had luck with dry beans. No matter how long I soak or cook them, they always ended up "al dente". Not so great for beans!