Walk with My Mom, by George

Yesterday my mom promised to take me for a walk, and then she spent the day on the stupid computer.  Something about Eee Cue.  She said I could hold the camera today.  We walked in the woods.  There are wildebeests, pythons, and crocodiles in our woods.  I'm not scared of them.  I just lie in wait in the tall grass, and take them down as they go by.

Or else, I get up in the vine maples and jump on them from above.

My mom wrote a sonnet about my mighty hunting skills.  Here it is:

I like to take my cat when I explore
He shows me where he goes when he’s away
He treats me to a bit of kitty lore
And tells me how he likes to spend his day.

He tells me of the many sights he sees
Because the woods are filled with wildebeests
And when he brings these creatures to their knees
That’s when he will enjoy the best of feasts.

I’ve noticed when I walk day after day
That I feel very safe and free of fear
Could it be that my cat has cleared the way
That I may walk my land without a care?

I’m very fortunate to have a cat
Who wears the brave and fearless warrior's hat.


"Fearless warrior."  That's me.

This is my Mom.

She has the best seat in the woods with her all the time.

This is my petting tree.  Mom waits for me while I walk to the end and then she gives me snuggles and pets.

See?  There she is now.

Mousies live here.  But today I'm busy.  I'll be back for you, Mousies!

This is where the path comes close to the road.  Coyotes live over there.  I'm not supposed to cross the road, but sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me, and I do anyway.  Then, my Mom goes back to the house and leaves me all by myself.  She says curiosity kills the cat.

Then I get scared and have to follow her.  She says I'm getting too bold, and then she won't walk with me for a loooooong time. 

This is the horse fence.  Horses live over there.  They have big stomping feet and fire-breathing nostrils.  But I"m not afraid of them. . . . not one little bit.  No way!  Not me!  I just activate my beam-out ray and beam myself out of there.

Sometimes when the sun is bright and I forget to wear my sunscreen, I curl up under these ferns.

Or else, under one of the petting chairs.

This is my nose.

And this is the rest of me.  I don't like that flash in my eyes, so I don't look.

But Mom said I was looking especially handsome today, so I used the tripod and made a self-portrait.

I think I'm looking pretty handsome too.

The weeds have grown as tall as the horse fence in places.  I don't like walking here because it messes up my fuzz.

I like it better over here on the horse path.  (I'm keeping an eye out for their big stomping feet and fire-breathing nostrils though.  My beam-out ray is on standby.)

This is my umbrella tree.  This is where I lie in wait for that stupid cat, Uno.  I hate that cat.

When he comes around, I poop on the ground where he walks, and fart in his general direction.

This is the door to where the squirrels live.  Someday, I'm going to have one of those for lunch.  My mom says that would be a bad idea.

This is the new outdoor water dish my mom got for me.  I like my old one better, but my mom said it would break.  She says this metal one will last longer, but I think it's really a dog dish.

We looked at my mom's iris.  Some of them are opening.

My mom says my name should be "George O'Keeffe." 

This is one of my mom's snapdragons.

But it's starting to drizzle, and it's not very warm today, so my mom says it's time to go inside.

That's it from me.  George, signing off.  The end.  (Meow.)

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

Sarah said...

Hi George, we really enjoyed your walk today. Tell your momma we loved the Irises - our mom's are just opening as well but you have many more colors. Mom's are all different purrrrrr-ples. LOL. Come to think of it - she has lots of purrrrrr-ple plants...

PURRS! Pepper, Smokey & Cali

Anonymous said...

Hi George,

Pete sends his regards. He thinks it's great that you have such adventures, but after his previous owner abandoned him outside and he got sick, he much prefers staying indoors and hearing about other cats adventures. Besides, he has to supervise two humans, and that's a full time job. They don't stay put very well!


WoolenSails said...

I sure had fun walking with your George and seeing the world through your eyes;) Love mommie's poem too.


Jeanne said...

Dear George,
Maverick Q. Chihuahua says that although you are a "CAT" he thinks you are pretty cool. He likes to explore too but tends to wander too far and then can't see me so has to rush back to make sure I am okay. He has petting trees too but he calls them plants. He said your are quite skilled with the camera and is impressed with your pictures. Anyway George, Maverick said to tell you hello and come visit some day to explore with him. Maverick's mom, Jeanne

Kate said...

Thank you George for sharing your walk.

Winona said...

This was such a cute post. George, you are a very handsome cat. Of course you already knows that. LOL

otterdaughter said...

Thanks for sharing, George! Too bad our mom won't take us out for adventures like yours. Mom spent entirely too much time on the flower pictures and not enough looking for wildebeests in your pictures.
Purrs, Jasper and Cosmo

quiltzyx said...

Loved going on the walk with you today George! Your Mom never told me about the wildebeests & other critters that were out there - you are very brave.
Thanks for sharing your pictures with us too, you have quite a talent with the lens!

Irina said...

I'll have to introduce you my beautiful girl Sooty...fancy a penpal?

LethargicLass said...

George... you are such a good photographer, and so handsome to boot! Your Mom should be worried some girl is going to snap you up one day :)