Day of Sloth

It was a day of nothing accomplished.  Nothing, that is, if you don't count getting the grocery shopping accomplished as something.  I do.  Still, I didn't get any sewing done, and George didn't get his walk. 

My attention was focused on designing a quilt in EQ, and I got completely wrapped up in it as if it were the world's most addictive video game.  I ended up sending five designs on the Oregon State quilt to Erik, and he told me which one he liked best.  Problem is, I didn't notice until after I sent it to him that all the quilts were somewhere in the neighborhood ("neighborhood" being the appropriate word) of 12 x 12 feet.  Hm.  That's a problem.  I got a little carried away with the size of the borders.  In any case, I took the design he liked best and tweaked it some.  I'm pretty happy with it.

One could dink around in this program forever, changing one's mind over and over again, and spend a month or more on one quilt.  Or one could do what I used to do when I wrote my papers in graduate school.  At some point you have to say, "Enough!" and decide not to change it around any more.  That's where I am with this.

I think Erik liked the four-patches in this design.  I like it because there are only two football appliques.  My block of the month projects have pretty much cured me of applique for the next year or two.  For this project though, I think I can stand to do two more.

Tomorrow I have a baking project planned:  French Silk Pie.  Years ago, I had a recipe for French Silk Pie.  The recipe came from a friend, and I used her hand-written copy to make the pie successfully.  It was so chocolaty and sinful.  It was like a whole pie of the most delicate chocolate mousse.  Then I typed the recipe into my database and when I made it again, something wasn't right about it.  I no longer had the original recipe, and so I had no idea what was wrong.  The pie didn't set up, and I had what amounted to French Silk Soup in a crust.  Gack!  My nephew, Rion, bravely ate it anyway, but it was really pretty awful.

Recently, I received a free copy of Cook's Country magazine, published by the same folks who publish Cook's Illustrated, which is one of my favorite cooking magazines.  (They were trying to entice me to subscribe to Cook's Country, but since I'm winnowing down my magazine subscriptions, I'm not adding anything new.)  There was a recipe for French Silk Pie in the Cook's Country, and I decided to try it again.  I'll update you tomorrow on how it turns out.

Aside from my baking project, George is going to get his walk.  He's been slinking around all afternoon looking all dejected out of his disappointment about missing his walk.  I definitely need to make it up to him.  And then I'm going to sew, something I haven't been able to do for two whole days.  I really miss it when more than a day goes by.

This weekend we're expecting perfect weather, and we are definitely planting the vegetable garden.  The soil was still too wet last weekend, and besides, we ran out of time--Mike ran out of time, I should say.  Mowing had to take priority over planting since the grass was knee high, and heading toward waist high.  As allergy sufferers, we were definitely needing to get it whacked back.  This is my worst time of year with the grasses, weeds, and scotch broom in bloom.

So with all that on my plate for tomorrow and beyond, I'd better get my rear in bed.  Stay tuned . . . I have a surprise for you tomorrow!  Look for my 500th Post Special Edition of Fun Fact Friday Freebie!

2 comments from clever and witty friends:

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Love the design, Barb. Enough looks just right to me. your baked beans recipe sounds so delectable that I am going to have to try it. Soon; I could eat quality baked beans every day and not eat meat at all.

Kate said...

Great final design! It does get additive doesn't it. I'll tweek on a design for months before I'm finally satisfied it's what I want. The last time I did that, I had it the way I wanted it, then realized I didn't have enough fabric to make it. Arg!!!