How Does My Garden Grow?

It's growing!  Absolutely amazing!  It hasn't even been very warm, but I still saw tiny, tiny little sprouts among the flowers and the lettuce.

The transplants are doing well too.  Even the cucumbers (which supposedly don't like being transplanted) look perky, and they have new growth.

I planted my marigolds, which were the last things I wanted to plant.  Also, I planted my garden sign.  I found this at a recycled art show several years back, and I thought it was so cute.  Over the years, the lettering had faded until it was nearly invisible.

I repainted it a couple of days ago, and now it's back in the garden where it belongs.

We also have fruit growing in the form of strawberries, raspberries, and cherries.  (Now, if we can just get to them before the squirrels and the raccoons!)

More colors of iris have opened up.  We've had a little rain, but not enough to ruin them . . . not yet, anyway.

All of the rhodies have bloomed now.  Some of the bushes have grown really big since we planted them several years ago.

This one below was all but dead before we had a chance to plant it in the ground.  I was sad because I loved this dark purple color so much.  A neighbor had one at our previous house, and when we moved, I wanted one for our yard.  We took off on a camping trip before it was planted.  The pot was left in a corner where it was missed by the person we left behind to water it.  We had record high temperatures that week, and when we came home, the poor thing was absolutely crispy.  Mike stuck the whole pot in a bucket of water, and amazingly, it was revived.  Here it is just getting ready to bloom.  It's taken it years to recover from that neglect.  I'm so happy it survived.

This is my favorite of the azaleas.  The flowers have a ruffled edge, and it looks like a mass of pink carnations.

After checking things out in the garden, George and I walked in the woods for the first time in about a week.  He's crashed out and snoring beside me as I write this.

Here's a George-eye view of a toad stool we saw.

This is the thing I most look forward to in the woods.  These are the wild tiger lilies just starting to head up.  They should open in about a month.  There are several of these growing along the path.  I wonder how they got there.

The wild roses have finally started blooming.  There were only a few open flowers, but lots of buds.

And we saw this little left-behind treasure.  I love finding things like this.

So that was our walk for the day.  I spent the morning making custard and strawberry goo.  It's cooling in the refrigerator now.  In a few hours, I'm going to use it to make strawberry ice cream.  The Oregon strawberries are here!  Happy!  Happy!  Joy!  Joy!

8 comments from clever and witty friends:

Irina said...

It looks beautiful! I love the garden of "weeden" sign! I think I need a really big one for my garden!
I'm very happy with my raised bed too, we planted spuds and the plants are already getting big. It's my first planting experience ever... I'll try with raspberries and strawberries next year

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

We have sure enjoyed the fresh cherries and strawberries from our yard. Apples are doing well, too.

Kate said...

Your irises are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing your rhodies, irises, and oh, what a garden! That is the way my garden looks - in my dreams! We have such poor soil here...I'm working on a compost pile; that will start to help!
Jacque in SC

ElfRenee said...

Your plants look great! Your raspberries look just like mine. I had one ripe one a few weeks ago...and that's it so far! Your irises are amazing! I have no luck with flowers. Love the toad stool! And the feather on the fern! Great pictures!

Sarah said...

Looks like your garden is doing quite well. My potatoes are starting to pop up, will have to check on the seeds tomorrow as they haven't been in only a week. The spaghetti squash isn't flourishing so I hope they do soon. Love the dark purple rhodie - I've never seen one before but will be on the lookout...

LethargicLass said...

I so imagine visiting you and seeing everything in your garden, but every week there is something new, so I think you would be stuck with a visitor for a few months lol... That burgundy iris is stunning!

quiltzyx said...

Hooray! The garden is growing, the garden is growing!!!

The dark rhodies are b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l! They definitely deserved that second chance.

Strawberry goo? That is surely one of those technical cooking terms. ;-)