EQ Progress

The EQ software is still on my mind.  This is my latest creation. 

It's not exactly something that's going to cause anyone to sit up and take notice.  None of the quilt magazines will be knocking at my door any time soon either.  However, I am further along in the lessons than I have been before.  I've completed the "Quilt Lessons" section.  Now I'm into the "Easy Draw Block Lessons."  It all goes fine as long as I'm following along in the instructions.  If I were to stray from them, however, I'm sure I'd hit my frustration limit with astonishing speed.  Given that I have a black thumb at the computer, it's always possible that things are acting up without my knowing it too.

So far, I'm not sold on the idea that my future as a quilt designer is particularly bright.  It'll have to capture my imagination more than it has so far.  Last night I downloaded Jinny Beyer's new fabrics into the library.  That was kind of cool.  The problem with the fabric library is that it makes me feel as if I'm in one of those gigantic fabric stores . . . the ones where there is so much fabric that it quickly becomes overwhelming and I can't make a decision about what I like or what I need.  It's another take on the cough syrup syndrome (see this post for an explanation of what the "cough syrup syndrome" is).

Despite my current ho-hum feelings for EQ, I'm determined to work through all of the lessons.  I'll keep you posted on my progress as I go.

5 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kate said...

One heavy user of EQ said that she never used fabrics, she designed with colors only, then went looking for fabrics to match the colors she used in the design. Maybe that will help you deal with cough syrup syndrome. Sorry I don't remember who it was or where I read it.

I have my own fabrics scanned into files on my computer and I use those when I want to design something. That helps me use my stash and I don't get fabric lust as easy.

The more you do, the easier it will get. Good luck.

Stray Stitches said...

Good for you to actually go through the lessons for EQ. That is probably what I should have done and then maybe it wouldn't be 'collecting dust' on my desktop.

Anonymous said...

I admire your tenacity in going through those lessons! I think it would be very distracting to have all those fabric choices....makes you want to head out to shop!!
Love the wildlife on a previous post-I've been swamped and I'm trying to catch up!
Jacque in SC

Sarah said...

Good on ya for pushing through the lessons. Even tho I don't own EQ (but wish I did!) I'm sure you'll become more confident as you work through the lessons...

Stormy Days said...

EQ makes me love my graph paper. Every once in a while I try again, but it doesn't last.