Messing with EQ7

The EQ7 program I got for Christmas has been largely neglected.  I played with it before we went on our trip this past winter.  Although it went along on our trip,  it managed to make its way to the display on my laptop only once.  Aside from that, nothing much has happened with it.  It seems there are always other things to do.  Sitting in front of the computer clicking around on things isn't high on my list of favorite things to do.  However, there seems only one way learn it.  It hasn't been seeping into my brain while I sleep, even though I have the book under my pillow.  Last night I tried putting the open book over my face while I slept, but not one new idea popped into my brain upon awakening.  Hm.  I guess saying I want to learn it and actually learning it are two very different things.  Fortunately, they are not mutually exclusive.

I signed up for a Quilt University class, but it isn't well-suited to my learning style.  That's not a criticism of the class.  It just wasn't right for me.  Others might feel differently.  The class was teaching a particular sampler quilt, presumably with the idea that making the sampler would teach one to use the program.  It might teach some people, but in the end, I was only going to know how to make that one quilt.  So . . . I'm back to Plan A, which was to work through all the lessons contained in the EQ7 program.  They're very well laid out and easy to follow.  I'm trying to do a lesson a day.

Today, I did Lesson 4:  On-Point Quilts.  This is the quilt I "designed" (term used loosely) this morning.

Baskets and Sunflowers

This is the one I did yesterday when the lesson was about horizontal quilts.

America the Beautiful

These are very rudimentary designs, done strictly by following the directions.  It's not at all automatic at this point.  It's easy to get overwhelmed with the many blocks, colors, and fabrics there are to choose from.  It's best not to get too fancy or to choose too many colors.  Sticking with the good old red, white, and blue is a good choice.  The second one is sort of appealing.

I still don't enjoy sitting and clicking at the computer, but it's palatable, and I'm learning. 

3 comments from clever and witty friends:

quiltzyx said...

Good luck with your EQ learning. It looks like you've made a very good start!
I've used a couple different programs over the years, but, as it turns out, I have better luck with good ol' pen/pencil & paper.
I have seen some wonderful quilts designed with EQ, but I guess it just isn't my cup o' tea.

Irina said...

I'm using my paper and pencil too... I considered buying EQ7 but I don't know if I'd use it that much as to justify its purchase... I think it looks so great and neat though, to have it nicely stored up in your laptop and everything can be measured in 2 seconds...
I'll keep watching how you're doing, maybe I'll ask Santa next Christmas...

Kate said...

I did the lessons to get started too. I found for it to really sink in, I needed to start working on my own projects. I hated EQ at first, but It's gotten easier to use with each project I try. Good luck.