Quilt Shop: The Pine Needle

I decided to start reviewing some of the quilt shops in my area--the ones where I shop regularly.  This first one, The Pine Needle, is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, just south of Portland.  This shop carries a lot of reproduction fabrics, but they also have a beautiful supply of batiks.  They carry other fabrics too, but if you're into reproduction fabrics, this is a good place to go.

I went here yesterday because they had an 18% off coupon (on April 18th only).  I learned about it because I follow their blog, which I enjoy reading.  You can even see my Blue Moon quilt posted there!  I sent them the image because I had used fabrics purchased at their store to make it.  It was about my third or fourth quilt, and I was unsure of myself when choosing fabrics.  They were very helpful and accommodating, offering to order more of one of the fabrics if I ran out.  That wasn't necessary, but it helped me to have confidence in my choices.  I've experienced very good service at The Pine Needle the many times I've been in.

The shop is pleasingly decorated with beautiful quilts. 

I first fell in love with the Winter Wonderland quilt I saw hanging on their wall.

They have a good supply of wool fabrics, if you're into that.  They also have a good supply of fat quarters, books, and patterns.  The store was busy yesterday because of the 18% off coupon, but I was able to get checked out with a minimal wait time.  I was looking for backs for two quilts I'm making (a good reason to want to save 18%) and I ended up with this pretty batik for my "Secret Garden" quilt:

and this one for my baby quilt.

And I saved $13.44 off my total purchase.  Not bad!

I can recommend this store if you find yourself in the Lake Oswego area.  The service is good, the sales people are helpful, and their fabrics are top quality.  I don't always find what I like there, but if I'm looking for batiks, it's a good place to start.  I give them five rotary cutters out of five for their good selection of all things sewing and quilting, and for their excellent customer service.

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Jo said...

The Blue Moon Quilt is great! I really like your idea of reviewing area quilt shops. I must live in somewhat the same area as you and I really appreciate the info on the shops. I don't stray to far from home as I have lived here for 5 years now and still manage to get lost on a regular basis. Where I grew up (CT) the street names stay the same from one end to the other. But if I hear of something worth venturing out for I make an attempt to find it. You may just make an explorer out of me with these postings!