Foto Finish--Blooming Trees

It's my favorite time of the year.  The trees are in bloom.  It's such a hopeful time of the year.  It gives me hope that the weather will warm and that the rain will stop falling eventually.  The number of days of sunshine begin to increase, and our days of rainfall decrease.  Yesterday I weeded my culinary herb garden and cut back the winter kill.  It's always hard to know which of the herbs will come back and which I'll need to replant.  For now, everything looks good.

The theme for today's Foto Finish is "Blooming Trees."  Here's my entry:

These cherry blossoms line someone's driveway not far from where I live.  The bees were interesting.  The trees were alive with them and they were humming with the sound.  Some of them were nestling themselves inside the blossoms and then just sitting quietly.  It was almost as if they were hypnotized by the flowers and needed time to come to their senses.  I know the feeling after a long dark winter.

The flowers have me under their spell at this time of year, and so I think I'll stick with the flower theme for another week.  Next week's Foto Finish theme will be "Spring Blossoms".  Pick anything you like, whether it's a flower, a shrub, a ground cover, or a tree. 

What blooming trees have you found?  Here's Mr. Linky:


Maree said...

Of course we are now in autumn and my first camellia is in flower. However this photo was taken last year.

Pat said...

Those cherry blossoms are just gorgeous!

Kate said...

Beautiful cherry blossums! The bees haven't gotten started yet in OK, but they'll probably be out and about soon.

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

I love the cherry blossoms.

quiltzyx said...

Beautiful blossoms & bees, Barbara!

(Sorry, I couldn't resist!!)