Finished the First Border

I had just one more side of my inner border to finish on my Ribbit, Ribbit quilt.  I had to stop yesterday to oil my machine, and man, was it full of little fluffies from the batting!  It's good I stopped to oil it and clean it out.  Problem is, when I tried to go back to quilting this morning, I had one problem after another. 

Whenever I "traveled" over the thread I'd already stitched, the top thread wouldn't pick up the bobbin thread, and so I was ending up with stitches that were an inch long.  I rethreaded the top thread.  I rethreaded the bottom thread.  I took the machine apart again and oiled it in places I hadn't oiled it.  I took apart the bobbin case and made sure it was okay.  I changed the needle three times thinking I had a problem with the needle.  Then, the problem stopped as abruptly as it started.  WhatEVER!  I was just glad it stopped.

When I looked at the back, I realized that I was sewing directly over a seam in the pieced back.  Once I got off that seam, I think the machine was happy again.  It was all going too smoothly.  I knew I'd start having problems, even if only temporary.

Tomorrow I'll start on the final border.  I'm hoping to have the quilting done by day's end.  And not a minute too soon, because I really have not enjoyed it.  I'm glad it's going well, but it isn't fun for me.

2 comments from clever and witty friends:

rubyslipperz said...

I just wanted to drop over and say "Hi". I LUV-LOVE the Pacific Northwest! It is one of the best places on earth...well, that I have visited. =)

We actually lived in Eugene, Oregon for about 7 years. Do you go to the Northwest Quilt Show in Portland...I think it is the last weekend in September?


Kate said...

Hope the last border goes much smoother! I just hate it when the machine starts acting up and you can't figure out what the problem is!