Quilt Shop: Sisters' Scraps Quilt Shop

The second quilt shop I visited in Amarillo was Sisters' Scraps Quilt Shop.  This shop was a feast for the eyes.  There were three large rooms filled with merchandise--two of those were filled with fabric.

Everywhere I looked, the walls were decorated with brightly colored quilts.

It lived up to my personal description of a good quilt shop and the main reason I love them so much.  I've always said that walking into a good quilt shop is like walking into Oz.  They are colorful to the point of being magical.  I'm always half expecting to see a unicorn fly by.

Magic aside, this shop had some beautiful fabrics.  I didn't purchase any, mainly because I'd just purchased a bunch of fabric at the previous shop.  They had a number of patterns I hadn't seen before, however.  This one caught my eye immediately.  I picked it up and then didn't put it down again. 

It's obviously a redwork pattern.  I love the look of redwork and I have tons of reds in my stash.  I wouldn't say red is my favorite color, but it seems to be my favorite fabric color.  Since I've been working on my "Winter Wonderland" quilt, and I haven't died from the tedium of the embroidery, I'm feeling confident enough to take on another one.  It's called A Day In the Life of Mr. Bear, and the stitcheries follow a little girl through her day as she cares for her teddy bear.  The stitcheries are so cute.  If you'd like to see them in more detail, click on the link I've given you for a walkabout with Mr. Bear.

I liked this one too, and resisted it only until I saw it made up in a different part of the store.  "Over the River and Through the Woods" is by the same designer who did my "Winter Wonderland" quilt pattern.  The stitcheries aren't as much of a commitment as the one I'm working on now, and I liked the colors.  I also liked the fact that it's intended to be scrappy.  I have some nice fabrics in my stash at home to use in this one.

There was a nice big classroom in the back of the shop and a pretty restroom.  They had a nice supply of books and notions as well.  I give this shop five rotary cutters out of five, and I recommend it if you find yourself in Amarillo.  You Amarillo quilters have at least two great shops to choose from.

It's probably a good thing we don't have more time here because there are at least two more shops to see.  As I stood in the parking lot at Sisters' Scraps, I could see another yet another sewing shop about half a block away.  I didn't go in because it looked like a sewing machine sales shop rather than a quilt shop, but it was an authorized dealer for my Bernina sewing machine.  As I said in my earlier post, there must be a lot of quilters and sewers in Amarillo to support this many shops given the size of their population.  Lucky for them!

2 comments from clever and witty friends:

Peach Rainbow said...

Indeed a feast for the eyes!

Monica said...

I hope you bought Mr. Bear. It's super cute and the designer for it is a friend of mine.

Also I'm sure you know that Crabapple Hill Studio is in southeastern WA. I've been thinking taking a trip up there and attend one of their embroidery retreats this year.