Albuquerque, New Mexico

We got into Albuquerque early this afternoon.  We are back on Mountain Time now.  When we got here, we thought we had in mind how our travel plans were shaping up.  However, it is so freaking windy and cold here that we've changed our minds about everything.  Originally, we were going to head north tomorrow for Santa Fe and Taos.  Then, we realized we were just a little way from Petroglyphs National Monument.  I just love petroglyphs.  So after reading the literature I had about Santa Fe and Taos, I started thinking that neither place was as appealing as it had once seemed.  Then we decided to stay in Albuquerque two nights and visit the national monument tomorrow before moving west again--deciding against Santa Fe and Taos. 

After being here several hours and having been outside a couple of times, we have realized that the wind is going to make anything we do out of doors rather unpleasant.  So, we decided to skip the national monument as well.  Now the plan is to make our way to Page, Arizona.  "Why Page?" you ask.  Because that is the launching town for the slot canyons.  I've wanted to see them ever since I knew of their existence.  I'm so excited that we are finally doing it.

I was looking at pictures of the slots a couple of days ago.  All the images I found were of Antelope Canyon, which is just three miles from Page.  We'll spend a couple of days there, and then we will head north to see Zion National Park.  I've checked the weather in both places, and while it is still somewhat chilly (especially at night), it's warmer than where we are now--and the wind in both places is only 6 mph.  It seems a much better choice than our original plan.  As for Zion, we've driven through the park two or three times, but we've never spent any time hiking or seeing the sights outside the car.  We're both excited about having a chance to do some hiking there. 

So that's the plan for now.  Unless we change our minds again.

2 comments from clever and witty friends:

quiltzyx said...

The link to the info about the slot canyons had some amazing pictures. I'll be looking forward to seeing the ones you will be taking! (Not that you will be in the bottom looking up...)

Anonymous said...

Barbara...I sure have to laugh at your changing of plans! Albuquerque is terrible with the wind! That is why they fly the balloons there. Whenever we go we always notice the chill that runs through the valley! Hope you make some great plans!