Getting Back to Normal

Our hot tub is up and running, and we just had a nice soak.  The sun is actually shining today, which is so nice to see this time of year.  George has been in and out ever since we got home.  He comes in with muddy feet, and he's none too happy when we hold him down to wipe him off.  Poor guy was so tuckered out yesterday from his day of play that he curled up on the living room couch around 5:30 p.m. and slept there until this morning.  He's been cooped up in the trailer, and pretty much sedentary, for the past three months.  Prior to our trip, he'd been sleeping most of the day because it was too cold and wet to be out.  Now he needs to get back to exercising if he's going to be the macho cat he wants to be.

I got the trailer unloaded and all my fabric purchases put away yesterday.  When I unloaded all of it onto the middle of my sewing room floor, I was a little worried; but I was able to get it all into my existing bins with a minor amount of shuffling.  I hadn't realized it, but a lot of what I purchased was for existing or planned projects, so only about half went to my unspoken-for stash.  Really, though, I must stop.  Mike never hassles me too much about my fabric purchases.  In his mind, it's a self-limiting problem.  There's only so much room to store it.

My sewing machine and all my notions are back into their rightful places, and my projects are all inventoried, pressed, and hung as appropriate.  I feel very behind and have about a half dozen of what I have officially termed UFO's now.  I'm picking up a quilt today from my long arm quilter, and then I'll have two that need binding and four that need quilting.  And then there are those three blocks of the month that were all started together, and are now being finished together.  Oh yes, and the other three projects I have going on.  I have promised myself not to start anything new until I get these existing projects pared down.  I like starting projects more than I like finishing them.

Today's agenda includes dealing with my hair.  I've taken to calling it my "disast-hair" because it looks so bad.  My hairdresser had an opening today, and I know my whole perspective will change when I don't startle myself every time I look in the mirror.  Even George cowers in the corner when he sees me, although I imagine it's because he thinks its time for his medicine.  And it is.

Little by little.  Baby steps.  I'm hoping to have things pretty much back to routine by Monday when I have so many new leaves to turn over.  Not the least of which is clearing out all the crap in my closets, cupboards, shelves, drawers, and attic.  We have stuff that hasn't seen the light of day for literally decades.  It's all going somewhere, whether it's Craig's List, Freecycle, Goodwill, or the kids.  It'll take a while, but I'm determined to do it.  I've been reading the Fly Lady Digest lately.  I don't plan to do everything she suggests (like shining my sink--no way), but her website has given me inspiration to tackle this job that has needed doing for many years.  Maybe I can get Mike into the act too.

Happy National Quilting Day!  Enjoy your weekend.

2 comments from clever and witty friends:

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Happy National Quilting Day! I didn’t know that was today...

I am following your link to the Fly Lady to see what she has to offer.

Kate said...

We just got home about an hour ago from a week long trip. I can't imagine trying to get back into the groove after being gone for a couple of months!