Foto Finish--Love

With Valentine's Day this week, I decided to make this week's Foto Finish theme "Love."  Here's my selection:

This is George and Gracie snuggled up on their cat pole at home.  It has three levels, and they could each have their own place to sleep.  Still, they'd rather be scrunched together on one.  Everybody needs a friend, after all.

What did you decide on for your "love" image?  I'm interested to see.

Next week's theme will be "Dots

Now here's Mr. Linky:


Maree said...

I couldn't resist entering the second image from my Flickr page. I love your photo of the three cats.

Kate said...

They look so cute! It's a great shot. I forget sometimes to grab the camera to capture those every day moments, seems you do a good job of that.

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

what a cute shot, you have to be really good friends to snuggle like that! I just left my first foto-finish shot on my blog - great idea!


Maree said...

Oops - just realised I said three cats. It was bed time and I had worked all day and had my granddaughters staying over for the night so no wonder I was seeing three instead of two.

Peggy said...

Love all the pictures....especially the cat one!! Thanks for hosting again.

Elaine @ Commotion said...

That's so cute!! I was going to take a picture of our dogs because they "kiss" each morning. Instead, my daughter had a photography class assignment of "love", so I let her handle the Foto Finish today!!

That really is a sweet photo!!

quiltzyx said...

Oooh, a George & Gracie smoooshie! They are too cute. :^)