Foto Finish--Red

I'm excited to say that last week's Foto Finish had the most participants of any Foto Finish yet.  It's wonderful to have so many people joining in.  I hope you'll keep coming back, and don't forget to spread the word.  If you like, you can post my Foto Finish button (just an idea)!

Today's Foto Finish theme is "Red"  Although it's the Christmas season, you don't need to feel limited by that.  There are reds available all year long.  Here's my entry:

My husband and I are snow birds, although we call ourselves rain birds because it's the rain we are escaping more than the snow.  This picture was taken in Port Aransas, TX, in February on our first snow bird trip.  You won't see this in February in our neck of the woods, and so it was especially nice seeing it in Port Aransas (or Port A as the locals call it).

Now I want to see your images.  Remember that you can post from any media sharing website.  You don't have to be a blogger.  I just ask that you link to a single image rather than linking to a whole album or a whole site.  And please tell us about your image in a comment.

Next week's Foto Finish theme will be "'Tis the Season"  Please don't feel you need to limit yourself to the "holiday" season.  It's also Winter (well, almost), or even Summer, if you live in the southern hemisphere.  Open your mind and you'll think of many ways to intepret this theme.

Now here's Mr. Linky.  I'm looking forward to seeing your red images.


Maree said...

As mentioned in the blog this photo is another taken in Vietnam earlier this year.

Kate said...

I love the texture that you captured in your shot. Great photo.

I've actually been to Port Aransas, it's a cool place to stop on the way to Corpus Christi.

Dana Gaffney said...

I added mine, I really wanted something for the holiday, but had nothing. I'm going to fix that.

Peggy said...

Thanks for hosting this fun Foto Finish. I love looking at all the other pics. My pictures are also from last year
but when you listed red as our next project .....I had to do the peppermint shoes!

Darla said...

What an interesting idea! I don't know if I will always participate, but it was easy when I knew exactly what to do as soon as I saw the challenge! Thanks for coming up with it!

quiltzyx said...

I'm really having fun with your Foto Finish!
This time I really couldn't pick just one & ended up with a new blog post out of it. :^)
Seeing as I work at a Chevy dealer, I had to take one of a "little red Corvette"!
Thanks for inspiring me to stretch my creative muscles Barbara.