Quilt Show

Good morning, my friends. Well...we did it. We saw the quilts at the show. It was a pretty easy day. We found on-street parking, and avoided the $10 charge that was right across the street. Our tickets were at the "will call" booth, just as expected. We were in and out in a couple of hours. After the show, we finished up our grocery shopping at the nearest Kroger store, and we were back at the RV by lunch time.

Smitty was champing at the bit to get outside, and so I took him out after lunch.

He actually walked some distance. He likes it here. There aren't many people around, and only the occasional woofie. It gave us an opportunity to enjoy some more of the wildflowers growing around our site. These first ones were eensy-weensy...about as big as the head of a pin. My phone tells me they are Field Madder.

I happen to know this next one is Vetch. It grows where I live.

This is ranunculus. We've seen this growing all over.

My phone says this is Butterweed.

And you can see how far away we are from the RV. It was about this time a monster started chasing Smitty...in his mind, at least. And we hurried our way back to the RV and inside to safety. Phew! Close call.

But you're not interested in any of that, are you? You want to know about the quilt show! Here's my ticket. Yes, we really went. After waiting so many years, and really not believing I'd get an opportunity, it was great fun.

I'll say I enjoyed the quilt show very much. Mainly, I just enjoyed the opportunity to see it. The quilts were fantastic, as expected. It was disappointing how they had them hung, however. Imagine a small room with quilts hung on three walls, and then a rope across the fourth side, and you'll know how it looked. It was impossible to get close to any of them or to get very good pictures. Also, the venue was so crowded, I found myself running for my life once I'd seen them all. Mike gave up early on. We both hate crowds, and he decided to sit in a chair in the hallway while I looked at the quilts. There was no whining or whimpering, and I didn't blame him one bit. If I hadn't wanted to see the quilts so much, I would have joined him.

So I was able to get some pictures of my favorites. In fairness to the quilter, I'll post the name of the maker first, and then I'll show the quilt. I'll only write something if I have something to add. Otherwise, I'll just let you look.

You'll notice a lot of the pictures are a bit cattywampus. That's because I had to stand to the side. Sometimes I was holding the phone over my head to get above the crowd.

Monterey has a kelp forest growing in the ocean offshore. I always want to scuba dive in one of the kelp forests, but I'm afraid our diving days are over.

Sorry for the blur in some of these. The quilts were around 10 feet away, and so I was zooming in for the names of the quilters. Sometimes they weren't very well focused. (See crowds and holding the phone over my head above.)

It seems completely appropriate to our political climate right now.

The quilting was really pretty on this one. I wish I could have gotten closer.

I overheard some women talking, saying they'd seen other quilts from this quilter. She does all kinds of flowers, apparently.

This one gave me some ideas about more uses for my grandmother's doilies. I've used some of them, but I still have lots more. It looks as if some of these were dyed before being used in the quilt. I hadn't thought of that, but it's a good idea.

Having just finished the French Roses flannel rag quilt not to long ago, I liked this one. The flowers appear three dimensional.

I really wish I could have gotten closer to this one.

I liked this one for the colors. Sometimes I use an app called VectorQ when I'm making my art quilts. It has different settings that will change colors like this. Now that I've seen this one, it makes me want to give it a try.

Okay, so that's all I have for you today. I have more pictures, but I'll split them up over a couple of days of posting. 

I have just one more thing to tell you about yesterday. This was a new recipe I tried last night for Spiced Salmon with Sugar Snap Peas and Red Onion. It was very tasty and a great camping recipe. The only problem I had with it was finding sugar snap peas. I couldn't get them a few days ago at the small grocery store here in Eddyville. We did the remainder of our grocery shopping in Paducah and I found them there. We liked this.

Also, we're used to finding salmon in abundance in the Pacific Northwest. Here in Kentucky...not so much. I was able to find some frozen Atlantic salmon, and that worked just fine. The recipe is from the NYTimes, and so I've linked to it up there. But if you can't open the link, I've taken a screenshot from my Paprika database. I've figured out that if I convert these to black and white, and then bump up the contrast, they post more legibly. Just the same, if this doesn't work for you, email me, and I can give it to you in a different format.

On today's agenda is a visit to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah. We drove past it yesterday, and so we know right where to go. Also, we want to take a walk on Paducah's riverfront. Many of you have told me there are murals, and indeed, Paducah mentions it on their website. There's even a downloadable visitor's guide, and I've added it to my phone. The weather could be a little more cooperative. It rained last night, but it seems as if the sky is brightening this morning. I think we're going to be okay.

And this is our last day here in Eddyville. We'll be on to Bardstown, Kentucky, next. There, we'll tour the bourbon distilleries. Also, I have written a note to consider visits to the Kentucky Railway Museum and the Louisville Slugger Factory. We haven't decided on all the to-do's there. It usually comes down to time, distance, price, and interest. 

So I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about the museum and the riverfront, and I'll have more pictures from the quilt show.


Barbara said...

I'm not fond of crowds. I'm no jittery neurotic, but I don't really want to be surrounded by a lot of people if I have a choice. ~ John Cooper Clarke

Sara said...

So many beautiful quilts! Wow! Pima (with the cat eye) was probably my favorite in this group of pix. You always have such interesting places to visit on your travels. The Louisville Slugger factory should be fun.

Joan G said...

Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing! In Bardstown is one of the best bakery/donut shops - Hadorns. Also, Stephen Foster’s house is in Bardstown. If you have time, definitely do Makers Mark where you can bottle your own - great souvenir!

Joan G said...

Correction to my previous post - My Old Kentucky Home is the Rowan Family mansion, not Stephen Foster’s. He is the writer of the song of course and that is why he is affiliated with the mansion.

Robin said...

Thank you Barbara. You make it easy to imagine being there with you and I am sorry I am not! I always love seeing the incredible talent at quilt shows. I hope you love the quilt museum. The river wall murals are beautiful there in Paducah.

Quilting Babcia said...

You got some great quilt photos despite the less than favorable conditions. Thanks for letting us visit the show vicariously, though I think I'd be sitting on the sidelines with Mike with my aversion to crowds.

Anne-Marie said...

Thanks for the mini tour of the show. I haven't been down there since the "before" years. You are moving closer and closer to my home base with your travels. I've been to the Louisville Slugger museum, but I bet it's been over 20 years ago now.

piecefulwendy said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, really fun to see all the talent!

Jenny said...

Lots if interesting quilts, the turtle gets my vote for viewers choice.

Christine said...

Love the flower quilt, must've taken an age to make those flowers so 3D.
Thank you

Kate said...

So glad you got to go, sorry the viewing set up and crowds were not optimum. It's fun to see all the different kinds of quilts from the show. You picked some fun favorites.

Nancy said...

Wasn't Smitty impressively brave and energetic until, well, you know... ! You chose some wonderful quilts to photograph and despite the crowds you got good shots. I couldn't help but consider how much thought went into the blue & white Vintage Treasures quilt. It's very effective. Lots to inspire, crowds aside. Glad you got the chance to see Paducah finally. And more to come.

dgs said...

I'm so happy for you to be able to make it to Paducah and attend the quilt show. While I too do not like the little room approach that some shows use to display quilts, you were able to get awesome photos of these stunning quilts. What a fun visit to Paducah. And thank you for the salmon recipe as I love salmon and want to give this recipe a try.

karen said...

Thankyou Smitty for showing what a beautiful man cat you are. Glad you are doing so well on the trip. Hugs to you both. Sadie and Smitty.
Those quilts are beautiful. So much talent!

Vicki W said...

Thanks for sharing all the quilt photos!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I, too, hate crowds and I certainly wouldn't have been comfortable being there in person so I'm quite happy to see your photos. Some pretty stunning quilts there.