A Hike and a Quilt Shop

Good morning, my friends. We had a day of running around Branson yesterday. There were four items on our to-do list, and we accomplished all four. 

The morning started with me taking the first stitches on the third block for Grandpa's Bridges. Somehow it seems like the right trip to have started these embroidered quilt blocks.

Sadie was just settling in for her morning nap when we left the RV.

On our way to the quilt shop, we spotted this guy. Yeah...I don't know.

Someone on Facebook posted about visiting this shop in Branson. It looked like a good one to me. Certainly, it's a pretty building.

Oh...but this is a bummer.

Well, if I can't take photos, then it doesn't get its own blog post. I'm sure they're feeling the weight of that decision as I'm writing this.

So...no photos, except the ones I thought I could sneak in. This was taken from the back of the store. You can see it's a very large store.

I really liked this sweatshirt. At $55 plus tax, I didn't like it enough to buy it.

There were a few vintage sewing machines scattered throughout the store. I think I got pictures of all of those.

This featherweight had a note pinned to the right side. It said, "Machine not for sale. Please don't mess with it." Kind of makes you want to mess with it, doesn't it?

So those were all the pictures I took. It was a nice store, and big. They had lots of fat quarters cut. I liked the colors in these three I bought. They seem like colors and designs I can use in art quilts, and that was my only reason for choosing them.

I chose this one as my regional print. It reminded me of the rocks we've seen here in Missouri and in Arkansas, and it fits with the ones above. It will work well in different art quilts. They wouldn't cut a fat quarter for me, and so I bought a half yard.

Our next stop was the Waterfall Trail. It was an easy trail and fairly close to the main part of the city.

Of course I took pictures of every blooming thing. My phone tells me this is honeysuckle.

This one is delphinium tricorne.

I could see a blooming tree across the stream. It was too far away to identify it.

I thought this was wood sorrel, but my phone tells me it's ranunculus flammula. 

This is wild geranium.

About halfway to the end, we passed by this small waterfall...about two feet of drop for the water. 

I noticed this one blaze as we went. It has a hiker on it.

I stepped off the trail about two feet to take this shot looking upstream.

We passed by these structures. There was a whole row of them. They kind of detracted from the "woodsy" feel of the hike.

I recognize this as a trillium. It hasn't bloomed yet. Trilliums are among my favorite wildflowers.

Here's a picture of one blooming in our woods at home.

While we walked alongside the buildings, we noticed this guy nibbling at the grass nearby. I believe this is a marmet. He was about the size of a cat.

Farther on, we found another overhang like the ones we saw in Arkansas.

The rocks extended for some distance here.

Finally 2/3 of a mile in, we came to the waterfall.

Here's a little video so you cans see and hear it.

More wild geranium was growing nearby.

This was the end of the trail, but we were able to get up above the falls a little bit to see the pool.

If we continued walking, it would have looked like this. The trail ended here, however.

Heading back the way we came, I noticed these table rocks.

From there, we hopped back in the car and headed for Ozarkland, where they advertised fresh fudge. Did you notice the yellow airplane in one of my pictures from yesterday? I wondered what it was. Turns out it's a part of a miniature golf course. This makes me think of times we traveled with the boys. We never missed playing miniature golf if it was available. Those were fun and competitive games.

Traffic was backed up at one of the traffic lights on the main drag. While we waited our turn to get through on the green, this helicopter flew overhead and landed right beside us. 

Also, I got a look at where King Kong was climbing. It's some sort of Hollywood theme place. It's not a good picture. I was shooting directly into the sun.

Finally, we reached our desired destination. This place was a zoo. We got our fudge and then made our escape.

The fudge was wrapped up in pieces about the size of a standard brownie. I wanted to choose four different flavors. When I'd picked four, the woman behind the counter said, "You still need two more to fill the box." Well...it would have been rude not to fill the box, wouldn't it? Besides, it was priced that way. Buy four, get two free. Works for me.

So, wanna see what we chose? 

I can't remember all of them, but here goes: Top left to right: orange cream, some kind of praline, birthday cake, Bottom left to right: chocolate peanut butter (or something like that), salted caramel, cookie dough. We ate two of these with our afternoon cup of espresso. They're nice, cut into four little pieces.

After that, we picked up a few items from the grocery store, and that was our day. We ended up making one more trip into town. Mike noticed a couple of bolts had rattled loose from the RV, and he needed to replace them. We found our way to an Ace Hardware store, and saw yet another more civilized part of Branson on the way. It's a little like Las Vegas here, minus the casinos. The main drag through town is crazy busy with tourists. Get out into the outlying areas, and it looks like any other small American city.

Okay, so this is our last morning in Branson. We have a bit of a drive today to reach St. Louis. Our only reason for stopping there is to see Gateway Arch National Park. And, yes, it's probably overrated, but I want to see it. Today will be a day of driving. Tomorrow we'll visit the arch. Our next stop after that will get us in range of Paducah, Kentucky. That's right...the quilt show starts up next week. I'm looking forward to it. Attending Paducah is a big bucket list item.

So, time's a-wasting. We need to be on our way, and I need to be making Sunday morning pancakes. Fill up your water bottle and buckle up. We have a long drive ahead of us.


Barbara said...

I slow down when hiking. The rhythm of nature is more leisurely. The sun comes up, it moves across the sky, and you begin to synchronize to that rhythm. ~ John Mackey

Sara said...

Comparing Branson with Las Vegas is pretty accurate. LOL Very tourist driven of course. We've enjoyed our visits there, but . . . there are a bit too many tourist traps. The quilt shop doesn't sound like the friendliest one you've visited over the years.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

My goodness, that quilt shop is missing a bet not allowing photos...just think of all the free advertising they're missing. Although I suppose some people would take pictures of the quilts so they could copy them, so there's that.
Branson sounds quite tourist-y so not a place I think I would want to visit.

dgs said...

Sounds like another wonderful day on your adventure, especially with that beautiful hike. I have never seen a marmet and had no idea that they were as big as a cat. Scary critters.

Pam Dempsey said...

I enjoy tagging along on your trips! Those waterfalls needed some help. The fudge looks so good 😊! While in St.Louis be sure to be on your way by evening for safety…..

Marianne said...

I think the gateway arch is awesome! Especially at night. There is a rickety elevator up to the top. My friends and I went in and sat in the little seats. Some foreign ladies sat opposite us and looked very scared. We had to appear brave even though we were a little skeptical that we'd make it. The view from up above is very nice, too.

Kate said...

Sounds like a fun run around day. I've been to the Quilts & Quilts shop. When I was there they had lots of embroidery kits along the back wall that were really tempting. Downtown Branson traffic is no fun, thankfully you weren't there at the height of tourist season. If you've never been the St. Louis Arch is worth a trip. We took Grad Girl to see it when she was in high school. My Guy and I had both been a couple of times and couldn't believe we'd never taken her. Safe travels when you get back on the road.

piecefulwendy said...

Safe travels today. I always wonder why quilt shops don't want photos taken - you'd think they'd appreciate it, but maybe there's something I don't understand about it. Anyway, looked like a fun shop to explore.

HoneySue said...

Do you ever mention that you have a quilting blog to the stores you visit? It seems like they would love the "advertisement".
Thank you for taking us along on your beautiful trip!

abelian said...

I’m loving these visits to places I’ll never see…. I think that critter is a groundhog, not a marmot. We used to see lots of marmots above timberline in the Sierra Nevada, or in places like Yellowstone, in the West. They live in rocky talus piles, and are bigger than cats (or groundhogs). Groundhogs and marmots are close relatives, though.

Interesting attitude at the quilt shop. I can understand that they wouldn’t want photos taken of their sample quilts, by someone who didn’t want to pay for a pattern. But photos of an aisle of fabric?? And why set the Featherweight within reach of customers, if you don’t want it touched? Dot in NC

Joan G said...

Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful places you are visiting on your road trip. I would love to go to the Paducah quilt show, but haven’t made it yet. Please take a lot of pictures while you are there, if you are allowed to that is. 😉 Also, my local quilt shop will have a booth there - Sew-A-Lot. Actually there is another location in Lexington and the ladies who own the shops are sisters - Liz and Leslie. Very fun gals. Have a blast!

Sharon said...

You are very close to Hamilton home of Missouri Star quilts! I think you would love to visit all the quilt shops there.

Christine said...

When I started work back in the day, the first thing I was told was that the customer paid my wages.... Be nice so they come back again.....
I wouldn't have set foot in that shop!!!
Wise selection of fabrics though, even if they wouldn't sell a fat quarter.... Who set that rule?!? Nah! Not going in....
Great hike....

ytsmom said...

Yes, that little guy is a ground hog. Also, the flowering bush across the creek is a dog wood

Lyndsey said...

Another great day taking in waterfalls. I love visiting waterfalls and listening to the water. Thanks for the videos. The shop looked OK but didn't seem very hospitable.