An Unexpected Free Day

Good morning, my friends. It seems yesterday was my day for effing up everything I touched. You might remember my pedicure appointment was rescheduled from last week. It was written on my calendar at the right time (11:00 a.m.), but my brain still had it at the original time of 1:00 p.m. And since my brain told me I knew exactly what I was supposed to be doing, I just whiled away the morning, relaxing, slow-stitching, 

taking my sweet time. Then, I got a text from my pedicurist: "Are you close?" Holy sh*t. It was 11:07, and I was still at home. Well, I felt just terrible about that, but what are you going to do? Profuse apologies were all I had, and we rescheduled to next week. I guess that will teach me never to listen to my brain, no matter how smart it claims to be. Smart or not, it is terrible at scheduling.

Okay...well, there I was...all dressed up and no place to go. It was okay. I was there to meet with "carpet guy" when he came. The carpeting is going to be a little more than we anticipated, but it's all good. We're shooting for sometime in January, and that will give us time to purge the upstairs in the meantime. I know there are things in our dresser drawers that haven't seen the light of day in at least 40 years. It's a job that has needed doing for a long time.

It's been very cold in our part of the world. Sadie knows what to do. She's made this quilt her purrmanent home.

Leaving her tucked in, I headed into the sewing room to make the next block for the Barn Block Sampler. This took almost my whole sewing day. I must have sewn it together in every wrong way possible before getting it right. It meant recutting several of the pieces, but I got 'er done.

Here are the nine blocks I have for this quilt so far.

Next up, I want to make the last block for the Homestead quilt. From the blocks remaining in the pamphlet, I chose this one:

The free pattern for this quilt block can be found right here. As I was selecting fabrics, Smitty showed up to help.

There was no more sewing, but I cut all the pieces. Smitty pointed out that the one-inch marks on the ruler coincide perfectly with the stripes on his tail. Who needs a ruler when you have a cat?

As I cut the pieces, he sat on them to hold them down.

When we were finished, all the pieces were cut. I sincerely hope this one goes together a little easier than yesterday's barn block.

It was getting close to dinner time by then. Recently I found a recipe in my database that I couldn't remember ever having made. This is Cavatappi with Butternut Squash. Apparently I have made it before because I noted in the recipe that I thought it needed more salt. In any case, that was an easy dinner for last night. And I'm just going to go on record saying that cavatappi is my favorite shape of pasta.

I looked for the recipe online, and couldn't find it. However, I did find a recipe with the addition of bacon. I'd like to try that next time. If it's already good, bacon could only improve it, right? Either way, below is the recipe as I made it. Next time...bacon. Also, I should say it was an easy matter to shred the butternut squash in my food processor. I had a rather large butternut squash. A small one would be enough.

So that was my day. I'm still feeling badly about missing my pedicure appointment, but I guess the world will continue to turn on its axis. It's a grocery shopping day today. Maybe I'll do penance by hating on it extra hard today. And when we get home, I'll make as many mistakes as possible while sewing together the God's Eye block. And somehow the name of the block seems particularly appropriate for someone who's doing penance. 

How are things going in your sewing room? Better than mine, I hope. It's another cold and sunny day, but the rain is coming. We're expecting a deluge over the weekend. We might need an ark. No animals, though...only cats. Two by two.


Barbara said...

Life is too short, and I'm Italian. I'd much rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size 0. ~ Sophia Bush

Sara said...

Smitty is such a clever kitty and knows the best ways to be helpful. I love that God's Eye block and had to download it for myself. I do love that site for block patterns because they usually give you different size options.

piecefulwendy said...

Oh gosh - I hate it when I mess up appointment times like that! Glad you were able to get things worked out for another time. Aren't cats just so helpful as we quilt? Those tails especially!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Too bad about the appointment but we've all done it I think.
Sadie has a good plan for the winter and don't we wish we could join her.

Kate said...

Sorry you missed your appointment, it's very easy to do when you don't have a routine schedule. I'm back to using a planner calendar, plus using the calendar in my phone so I don't miss appointments. The Barn Block turned out nicely. I had a fat quarter of the yellow orange floral. All I have left of it are scraps. Hope the grocery shopping wasn't too miserable and that the God's Eye block stitched together much easier.

dgs said...

I too have missed appointments due to me mentally hanging on to the original date/time of a rescheduled time. I guess my mind doesn't want to let go of such trivia info that is no longer relevant. As always fun to see your projects, hear about the kitties, and what you are up to. Thank you for the recipe. I definitely want to make it.