Rainy Day

Good morning, my friends. Well, as expected it rained for a good part of the day yesterday. Please purrmit Smitty to demonstrate the day's activities.

We should all have such beautiful tummies, don't you think?

While he was sleeping, I spent quite a long time on my slow-stitching. It's been neglected for much of the trip, and so it was good to spend some quality time on it. I finished off the kitten.

With a pink nose and lips and that gray coloring, this could easily be Smitty. He wouldn't ordinarily wear a ribbon on his head, except for those times when he indulges his appetite to dress in drag.

Now I've moved the hoop to the next position to encompass the "bucket." At least I think it's a bucket. I suppose it could be a flower pot too. The color there is dark purple, although it photographs as black.

Before the day was finished, I'd stitched about 25% of the bucket. It's a lot of stitching.

When we were ready to get a start on our day, Smitty checked outside with complete disgust. A stupid woofie!

Day before yesterday, Smitty seemed bored. I got out his harness and he stood still while I put it on. (This process ordinarily takes some coaxing, but he really wanted to go.) Then, we were literally just opening the door when a huge toy hauler pulled in next to us. There were Mans and Dogs and noisy ATV's. Well, don't you know our outing ended before it even got started, and it's been impossible to get out since then. The place has been invaded by woofies and a rowdy group across the way. Sigh. 

Well, okay. So Smitty hasn't been able to do any walking, but Mike and I got out for a short walk when it stopped raining. We walked down to the general store, just to see what was there. The RV park is situated on a hill. We walked down a steep driveway. In the image below, you can get an idea of what the place looks like. There are cabins on the left and right side of the image. The RV park is to the left of the left-side cabins and outside the frame.

The large structure you can see at the bottom of the hill is the Nugget Cafe. It closed for the season after Labor Day. Good think we brought enough food to get us through the week.

Directly across from the restaurant is the Taylor Park Trading Post. There, you can buy the sorts of things people might forget. Things like cooking oil, bait, ice cream, beverages, small tools and hardware. You get the idea. It's all exorbitantly priced. To the right is a small gift shop selling lots of t-shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas, and other knick knacks. 

At our last visit, I was able to find a refrigerator magnet and a shot glass there. Yesterday's visit didn't entice me to buy anything, although there were some things I liked.

And, of course, no mountain community would be complete without a life-size carving of Big Foot.

There were some nearly bloomed out dephiniums near the gift shop.

Walking back, we noticed that Cumberland Pass got snow during this storm. Fortunately, there is no snow at our level, and we're not expecting any. Still...we just rode our ATV's up there two days ago. Glad we went early.

So it was a day to chill, both literally and figuratively. This morning is still foggy, dark, and dreary, but the rain has stopped. We expect the overcast skies to clear as the morning wears on. We're planning to get out and do more riding today, but we'll wait and see what the weather holds. 

We have one more day here tomorrow, and then we'll be on our way to Moab. The only way out of here is the way we came in. Recall that we were delayed for 35 minutes by a flagger, and then took a slow meandering drive behind a pilot car to get through the road work.

The website tells us that the road is open in both directions between 6:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. on Mondays only. It will mean packing up and hitching up the night before to get out early enough. And, of course, the websites have lied to us before. So we're hoping we can avoid the construction on Hwy 50 by getting a very early start on Monday. Also, this RV park will close for the season on Monday. With snow in the mountains surrounding us, it's easy to understand why the folks who work here are ready to skedaddle.

That's all I have for you today. Let's hope for better weather and a good ride today. Time's a wastin with this rain. There's much more to see before we leave.


Barbara said...

And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton

dgs said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing day. Sorry about the woofies. I'm glad to see they have cabins at this place. That helps people like me who don't have a traveling land home.Enjoy your last day in Colorado and your time in Moab (one of my favorite places to visit and explore).

Kate said...

So sorry that wolfies moved in next door. Poor Smitty. Hope you got your ride in yesterday and can go again today. Snow already? Seems early, but I guess it's that time of year for higher elevations.

karen said...

Smitty, Im so sorry there are wolffies and Mans. it's just too much to bear when on vacation. About your belly....your beautiful at any angle.
we have had about the sme type of weather here as you've had there. Rain and cold. I tried to turn on the furnace, but the pilot isn't lit (power has gone off several times and so kills the pilot) It warms up by noon and so get yard work done.
Foggy sunday morning. Supposed to rain later today.
Enjoying my arm chair trip. Drive safe and look forward to more pictures and history lessons.
Karen in Michigan