Spring in Oregon

Good morning, my friends. Or should I say good mourning? We're mourning the end of spring and return to winter this morning. The weatherman told us this might happen, but it was still a bit of a surprise to open the curtains and see this:

Sigh. We're promised this won't last long, but one never knows these days. Weather gets weirder and weirder. Fortunately, I started some overnight oatmeal before getting into bed last night. Somehow oatmeal seems like comfort food on a morning like this. 

Quite a bit was accomplished in the sewing room yesterday. I started by sewing together the pieces for the left bunny foot.

The section to its right contained the bottom portion of the carrot.

Smitty was there to help. His job was to sit on the bunny's face, but he lost interest when he heard treats being dispensed upstairs.

It was hard to continue without a kitty helper, but I somehow managed to pull myself together enough to finish off the last section and the right bunny foot.

It occurred to me that I should stitch the mouth(?) nose(?) of the bunny to the middle section before sewing the bottom section to the whole. I did this with the triple stitch on my sewing machine.

And then I sewed the whole thing together. Ta-da!

Now he just needs borders, quilting, and binding, and I'll have myself a finished quilt to greet the newest resident of Planet Earth. And how could I go wrong when I had the assistance of such an adorable helper?

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm setting the bunny aside for a bit while I finish the 10th Tiny House. I'm determined to keep up with these week by week. This is the house I'm making next. It has the most sections so far, labeled from letter "C" to letter "O".

Yesterday, I had time to piece together sections "C" through "G". Up until now, I've been making all the sections before sewing anything together. This time, I decided to sew them together as I go along, as much as I'm able. This is where I left it when I quit for the day yesterday.

Some of the pieces are so tiny I have to stitch forward and backward to avoid having the threads pull out of the fabric as I pull it away from the needle. (I hope that makes sense.) 

Today I'll get back to work on the tiny house, and that should be easy enough to finish off by day's end. After that, I'll get back to the bunny and his borders. I want to sandwich him for quilting and then get going on it. Right now, though, I'm ready to drown my snow sorrows in some oatmeal. 

What's going on in your sewing room today?


Barbara said...

We love the sight of the brown and ruddy earth; it is the color of life, while a snow-covered plain is the face of death. Yet snow is but the mask of the life-giving rain; it, too, is the friend of man, the tender, sculpturesque, immaculate, warming, fertilizing snow. ~ John Burroughs

Vicki W said...

I'm sorry you are getting more snow but Spring will be there soon! I love the bunny quilt. That came together really quickly.

Sara said...

That bunny quilt will be adorable! So sorry about the snow this morning. Hope it melts fast. Our mountains of snow have been trying to melt this week. Our back yard has a few open spots between drifts now. But our front yard doesn't see much sun, plus it's on the north and has deeper drifts, so that will take a while. But there is hope that spring will eventually arrive here is SD.

dgs said...

I have decided on going on strike. I was inspired by the LA Teachers Union. My strike is against the weather gods. My chant is: No more snow, no more rain. No more snow, no more rain. We demand more sunshine!

Karen said...

Made this cute little Bonita bunny. A Paperpieced bunny face. Free pattern by Threadbare Creations 2019 by Rose Johnston.
Also pulling fabrics for one of many Moda free patterns. That's what I've been doing.
No snow here. Now. Yet. Whew.

piecefulwendy said...

That's not a fun sight to wake up to, but it should disappear quickly? I just saw your FB post - sorry to see that they are back :-(

Magpie's Mumblings said...

No - say it isn't snow (pun intended). Saturday was miserable here too - high wind, rain, ice pellets and snow off and on. Enough already!!!
Your bunny quilt looks wonderful. Does the pattern call for a little white stitch in each of the eyes to make it come alive?