Ricochet Rabbit Quilting

Good morning, my friends. I'm so happy to announce there is NO NEW SNOW today. I repeat: No New Snow! This is a good thing. I saw this meme on Facebook this morning. It is perfectly timed for our spring weather.

Yesterday's goings on were pretty much as expected. I started some pulled chicken in the slow cooker and made some coleslaw. It was my day for walking, and I started watching a new Boston Strangler movie while I was on the treadmill. I'm a fan of true crime stories anyway, and I read the book decades ago. The new movie is less about the "strangler" than it is about the two women reporters trying to make a name and a place for themselves in what was then almost exclusively a man's world. I'm only barely started on it, but it's a good movie so far.

After taking care of my adult responsibilities, I was able to get to work sandwiching Mr. MacGregor's Garden. I can do small quilts like this in my sewing room.

Since I do spray-basting, I usually do this in the garage, where I can open up the door for good ventilation. Usually, I'm using 505 basting spray, which needs to be used in a room with good ventilation, or else outdoors. When I'm doing it inside, I use this product from Sulky: KK 2000 temporary spray adhesive.

It's more expensive, and it only comes in small cans. I like it for use indoors because it doesn't put off the toxic (and flammable) fumes, and it sprays in a more confined pattern. Ordinarily, I'm only using it for small wall-hangings, and so a single can lasts quite a while. One of my friends told me about it some time ago, and it's a great product. I forget who told me about it, but if it was you, then thank you.

After that, I traced the next two blocks for "The Story of My Day" quilt. 

I'm barely started on this quilt, having done only two of 20 blocks. They are small, and so I'm doing them two at a time.

We made a short trip into town, and then I was able to get started on the quilting. For this quilt, I'm doing the center bunny panel in a diagonal straight line grid.

My "Line Tamer" ruler is an invaluable tool for doing straight line quilting. It fits around both sides of my foot, making it easy to hold steady.

My strategy for this is to stitch a line to the first border and then "ricochet" off in a different direction. I'll keep going until I'm forced to cut thread. I've done it this way many times. Usually, I can get the quilt about 80% quilted with a single line of stitching. When I can no longer "ricochet" to an unstitched area, I'll cut thread and start filling in the gaps.

As I was thinking about how to describe this, I was remembering a cartoon from my childhood: Richochet Rabbit. Who's old enough to remember Ricochet Rabbit and his sidekick Droop-a-long? He was on for just two seasons in the mid-sixties, although he also made guest appearances on some other cartoon shows. Please tell me I'm not the only one old enough to remember him.

Okay, and so I was getting tired of quilting, and so I left the rabbit needle down, and did some more slow-stitching. I'm very nearly finished with this now. It should be finished up this morning. Good thing I made up the next stitcheries, huh?

Today, I'm hoping to get Mr. MacGregor's quilt to binding stage, although that could be an optimistic forecast. When I'm finished with that, I'll start quilting my latest challenge quilt. Remember the "maps" prompt? 

I can only show you the quilt back. It's been hanging on my quilting chair for the past couple of weeks, waiting its turn under my needle. I really like this back fabric.

The reveal will be May 1st, and so I need to get it finished up. I'm hoping to have three quilts for binding to take along on our mid-April camping trip.

There's not much more on today's agenda. It's going to be a mostly quilting day. It's also my day for working out on The Rack, and then I'll get busy with my sewing.


Barbara said...

A politician should have three hats. One for throwing into the ring, one for talking through, and one for pulling rabbits out of if elected. ~ Carl Sandburg

dgs said...

Ha, ha. The Eleven Seasons of Oregon is certainly appropriate this winter. I hear another storm is brewing, coming down from Alaska. So maybe you will have at least one more snow, but I hope not. Today is sunny for us in So. Cal. so while I have work in my sewing room, I will take advantage of the sunshine and do some much-needed weeding in the garden.

Karrin Hurd said...

Lots of good projects you are working on. In northern California we have been having constant atmospheric river storms. Our reservoirs are filling up or are filled. Besides that it is colder than usual. So my yard is a mess of weeds I need to get to before it starts raining on Tuesday. Happy stitching!

Cathy Smith said...

Yep, I remember Ricochet Rabbit! My favorite Saturday morning cartoon was Mighty Mouse! Ooops! Shouldn't have said that! Now that darn theme song will be trapped in my pea brain all day. Uh oh - now The Flintstones theme just hit!

Sara said...

The bunny quilt turned out so adorable. The new parents will love it.

We get teased by false spring in SD too. Yesterday was in mid-40s and sunny so lots of snow melted. Those big drifts are definitely sinking. But I looked ahead on the forecast and we may have a return of winter by Thursday.

Karen said...

Yup. Only we were convinced it was Richrochet . That and Tom and Jerry.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

And here I thought Canada was the only place to lay claim to the 11 Seasons.
Please forgive me, but I'm snickering because at first I read 'Lunch with friends' as 'Lynch with friends' and my first thought was yeah, gossip can be like that. And does that say yet something more about the state of my mind?

Astrid said...

LOL on the Eleven Seasons in Oregon! That applies to Norway as well! Here we are having the last hot days of summer, hopefully! Lots of cute projects you are working on. Love the adorable Bunny Quilt and the stitcheries, so cute.

Kate said...

I don't remember Ricochet Rabbit, that may be in my very little kid memories. Love your rabbit quilt, it's a fun project for this time of year. Hopefully you get a warm up and some good weather. We've not had snow, but it was cold and wet in Texas last week. I'm ready for spring to get here and stay for a while.

piecefulwendy said...

We have those same seasons in Minnesota! You've done well with your quilt projects. I am just barely beginning my challenge quilt, but I actually know what I'm doing this time around!