Nearly There

Good morning, my friends. It's officially the last day of winter. Tomorrow...SPRING!!! Who isn't ready for that? We had a beautiful pre-spring day yesterday...a "false spring," according to Erik and Mae. We went to the Beaverton farmer's market. The sun was so bright it was hard to see what was at the market. We weren't complaining though. Before making our way through the different vendors, we bought our breakfast and enjoyed Erik's fresh squeezed orange juice along with the sunshine.

There was nothing much at the market I wanted. I'm still waiting for the fresh fruits and veggies, but Erik and Mae get almost all their food at the market. They are smart and healthy shoppers.

I'm always an early-riser, and I'd been up since 5:00 a.m. As I was driving home, I was feeling a little bleary-eyed, and so I took a short nap when I got home. When I woke up, it was time to dispense with St. Patrick's Day and bring out the Easter decor. I hung my little Bunny Garden stitchery on the short wall between the kitchen and dining room. This is a downloadable pattern from Lynette Anderson.

Of course, you probably remember the Bunny Go-Round, finished just recently. This is a free pattern from Doghouse Designs.

For the table, this Bunny Quartet, which was a free pattern from the Moda Bakeshop.

I suppose if you're being generous, you could say I finished the day's housework with that. It was time for the morning's slow-stitching, only it was well after noon by then. I stitched enough to move my hoop. This morning, I'll start someplace fresh.

By then, it was time to get to work on my quilt blocks. Sadie was there to help pull fabrics for the applique.

Smitty checked the pattern and told her what colors we needed.

By the end of my sewing day, I had the fusing finished for Block #7.

Today I'll get to work on Block #8. I want to finish the fusing on both before I start on the top-stitching.

The weather isn't quite as nice today, but we're expecting another nice day by Tuesday. It's a walking day for me. I'm still undecided whether to stay in or go out. Aside from that it'll be a usual kind of day: Sunday morning blueberry pancakes, slow-stitching, then sewing. 

We were supposed to be camping this past week, and so I had a reprieve from any housekeeping chores. They'll be back on my to-do list soon enough. How is the weather treating you in your part of the world? If it's bad, take heart. Spring will arrive tomorrow. Time marches on.


Barbara said...

Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!' ~ Robin Williams

Linda said...

Looking forward to the arrival of spring in my part of Ontario, Canada Just hope the warmer weather arrives earlier rather than later. Your bunny garden stitchery is wonderful. The bee embroidery is coming along nicely.

Angei said...

We had as Erik calls it a false spring in NC. Week before last and last week in 60’s. Yesterday in 50’s and today 40’s and windy. We have had lots of rain the past several weeks, so I am afraid it’s going to be a dry summer.
Finished getting tax papers ready for accountant and now to add binding on a charity quilt and then onto assembling another charity quilt.

Anonymous said...

I love your little bunny garden quilt! I have never done any spring pieces that I kept, so I may think about doing this one. Thanks for sharing the pattern…. I know it won’t get it done for this spring, but I will try to start on it when I finish this Christmas piece
It is really chilly here in Virginia today….high in the low 40’s and very windy…..BRRRRR!!! The only thing I can say nice about the weather is that it has been sunny with beautiful blue skies.
I have been working on our purging project in the basement this afternoon, and now we are watching NCAA basketball and working on a Christmas cross stitch piece.
Sandra B

Astrid said...

Yummy orange juice. The bunny quilt is darling, and so are your table quilts! Cute applique block and stitchery too. I'm an early-riser too, usually up before 5:00 am, love the quietness of early mornings.

Jenny said...

Your bunnies in the garden is a nice little piece, embroidered, quilted and finished!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Nice that your farmers market is open for business. Ours won't open until mid-May and even that depends on the weather. Still cold and snowy here but at least today the sun has put in an appearance.
Nice to see your Easter decor and a wonderful joyous bit of colour in the applique block.