Starting Fresh

Good morning, my friends. I'm having breakfast with my friend Sue in this morning, and so I'm writing fast today. It was a dazzling day yesterday. It was the first truly sunny day we've seen in a while. We've seen some sunshine, but it's usually foggy or cloudy. Yesterday...blue sky. So nice. The kitties were champing at the bit to get outside and kill something. They went outside with me while I filled the bird feeders. They had a bead on something here.

Pawssibly changing purrsitions could help.

And will you look at that! Daffodils! Harbingers of spring. It will be a while before we see any flowers, but it's always exciting to see them come back so early in the year.

On the sewing front, I took the first stitches on the Sewing Day stitchery. This will be fun with some variety in the stitches.

My next task was to make a quilt back for Pieces of the Past. I needed a little bit extra to get enough length. There wasn't enough of the blue from the front of the quilt to piece it together, but I found some in my stash that worked. 

And that left enough blue from the quilt top to cut binding strips.

And holy-moley. There were a lot of supplies in the project box for that quilt. I had a lot of folding and putting away to do. The fabrics on the far left were unfamiliar. I didn't use them in the quilt, and I'm not sure where they came from. Someone may have given them to me at some point(?) or maybe I purchased them(?)...I'm really not sure. In any case, they might get used in the Vintage Linens quilt, and so I added them to that project box. The rest were all put away for future use. The two stacks on the right are all fat quarter sizes, and so those go in separate bins from the yardage.

Next, I sandwiched the Broken Hearts quilt for quilting. The back is from the same fabric as the border.

Now, it's laid out on Eliza's table. I'll use these threads for the quilting. The one on the left already had a bobbin wound. The spool is nearly empty, but I'm fairly certain there's enough to finish this small quilt.

It's a 40 weight YLI quilting thread. I used it on a baby quilt once.

The one on the right is another of the Coats & Clark "Star" variegated threads. It's a 40 weight thread as well. I have two spools of this given to me by my quilting fairy godmother, Ila. Thank you, Ila.

And that was the end of my sewing day. Mike barbecued steaks for dinner, and so my only task left in the day was to start some potatoes baking in the toaster oven. The last two dinners I cooked were fairly involved, and so it was nice to have a cooking reprieve. There are also leftovers for the next couple of days.

I'll be running a couple of errands after breakfast this morning, and so I probably won't get to my quilting until later on this afternoon. For now, there's still enough time for some slow-stitching, and so I'll do that next. I hope y'all have a good day today. I won all my word games, so mine is off to a good start.


Barbara said...

A gentle heart is tied with an easy thread. ~ George Herbert

Sara said...

Glad those kitties got out to explore and hunt finally. When we've had endless days of grey, a day of sunshine sure does refresh the soul. The Broken Hearts project is really pretty and will look great with either thread.

Karen said...

It's good to have a bit of vacation when you have retired. Love it when my husband cooks. Just not the clean up part.
Love seeing the variegated threads. Yum.
How are you all feeling ? Mike ?

piecefulwendy said...

Sunshine and daffodils! We have sun today, but any daffodils are still buried deep in the soil, I'm pretty sure. Your embroidery project is looking good!

Jenny said...

Nice to see the daffodils appearing, how much longer till your Spring season rolls around? Guess there may well be a bit more winter weather to get through first.

Astrid said...

Daffodils, a sign of spring. Looks like the kitties enjoyed the sun too, so much to check out. Pretty stitchery. I think either thread would look great on the heart quilt.

Kate said...

You got sun, we got snow. But I'm with you, it's time for spring. Love the little birdie on your embroidery project. You are moving along on your projects. Hope you get a chance to start the quilting on Broken Hearts. It's such a cute quilt and it would be fun to have it ready for this Valentine's Day.