Two Starts

It was a slow morning yesterday. It seems they've all been slow this week. We're expecting the "baseboard guys" to come today, and so we'll need to speed things up a little or risk answering the door in our pajamas. There wasn't much on yesterday's agenda, and so I'm not at all sure what took me so long getting into the sewing room. If you read yesterday's post, then you know I admitted to dragging my feet about getting started on the newest challenge piece. The prompt this time is "Portrait." And I did get a start on it...here's the first piece.

As I mentioned, I talked myself into starting by setting a timer for one hour and committing to at least that much time on it. Of course, I spent a good part of my hour sorting through my scraps and pulling out anything that could possibly be used. 

I probably have everything I need to finish the job, although there is one more feature on the quilt that I haven't thought about yet. It will be one of the last parts of the quilt, and so I have some time to consider what to do there. When my hour was up, I had it this far:

There isn't much to see yet, but I'll get it farther along today. As I mentioned yesterday, getting started is the biggest hurdle.

There was no kitty help yesterday. They were both upstairs wrapped up in their quilts. Sadie is doing fine since her dental procedure. Don't let her napping self fool you. She doesn't act like she even slowed down, despite having an extraction. 

On the chair behind me, we ordinarily fold up the quilt for Smitty since he considers this spot his throne for afternoon napping. The quilt was left in a pile yesterday, but he managed to fit his ample body onto what space was available.

Only a few of his furs deigned to touch the upholstery on the chair.

Since there was so little action in the living room, I went straight to work on the Trashy Triangles quilt. I'm alternating the direction of the rows as I go, and three of about 6 rows were completed yesterday.

Flipping it over, here's how it looks from the back. It's hard to see the quilting there, but I'm glad to have found a use for this long-time resident of my stash.

As I'm writing this, Sadie is napping overhead on the bookcase above my desk. There is a lot of napping going on at the Three Cats Ranch on these cold winter days. Both humans and felines are taking advantage of quilts to stay warm.

If memory serves, there is one housekeeping chore on today's agenda. After that, it will be NBS. I'm hoping to make enough progress on the challenge quilt that it will capture me under its spell. For now, I'm still dragging my feet a little bit. There was no slow-stitching yesterday either, but I'll get back to that today.


Barbara said...

I wake up some mornings and sit and have my coffee and look out at my beautiful garden, and I go, "Remember how good this is. Because you can lose it." ~ Jim Carrey

piecefulwendy said...

I'm dragging today, too. I had a good day of sewing yesterday, but slept poorly. Really thinking a nap would be nice, but I have quilting to do. I did manage to get to the library to pick up books on hold and return others. Might be all I accomplish!

Julierose said...

Triangles is so pretty--I love the look of variegated threads...
I have not the faintest idea [??] what this will be a portrait of, Barbara; I'll be looking forward to seeing this one--all your pet portraits came out so beautifully...
We are finally getting our generator tanks in place today and the plumber will be over to connect--so by next week I hope we have a working generator. Phew--I know how you feel about your baseboards--this has been in the works since August!! Dare I think it is soon to be over???
Hugs, Julierose

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's been damp and quite brrrrr-ish here the past day or two. Had to go out both days and was very glad to get home. I might just have to make myself a lap quilt for those cold winter nights - Resident Chef has a throw he uses but that least me out in the cold (so to speak!).

Quilting Babcia said...

I would say leave your pajamas on and the workers will arrive for sure! You were wanting this job finished after all. I like what you're quilting on Trashy Triangles, reminds me of a Christmas tree stencil used on one of the Christmas quilts I made a few years ago. Love that wild and bright backing too, the best kind in my opinion.

Christine said...

Busy day for me.... Christmas tree putting up day... I may have to watch and direct.... Both daughters and two grandsons gets a bit crowded! lol
I think the cats and humans have the right idea about napping.

Sue said...

We had a flood in our basement in the middle of September- a water hose on the washing machine sprung a leak. The recovery company came and took almost everything from the basement to a warehouse (including my Christmas decorations and quilt tops) and pulled the ruined paneling from the walls. They started putting paneling back up last week- with one thing and another what was supposed to be a two-day job has stretched into a week. Both the recovery company and the insurance company have been wonderful to work with, but I'm ready to have the job done and our stuff back!

SJSM said...

I hope your baseboards are in after getting dressed and all. A neighbor left a poinsettia on our doorstep anonymously. I have a mystery to solve and a thank you to give. It’s been PJ day for most of a week. Luckily no Covid, no flu, no strep throat. I’ve been tested. It’s just a nasty cold that decided to infect the whole upper torso. Medical facilities are overwhelmed. Advice nurse worked remotely with a doctor to set up tests, relay information and get testing and meds ordered. It worked but not quite sure everything was caught in the diagnosis. I’m on the mend so happy with that.

Your trashy triangles are a welcome bright spot with cold weather surrounding you. Enjoy the process is creating the portrait.

QuiltGranma said...

I too have been dragging my feet about continuing a project. But last night I had a breakthrough when I was trying to get to sleep. Had to get up and write it down before I forget. Soon progress!