Better than Perfect

My current sewing projects are reminding me that finished is better than perfect. I've been making my way across Calendula Patterdrip day by day, and I'm about 3/4 of the way across. It's been challenging to figure out where lines should be drawn distinguishing crows' feet from tree branches. I'm happy with some of them...less happy with others. There are still three crows along my way. The one on the extreme right of the image below still needs the rest of his tail stitched.

It feels as if I've been working on it forever. Little by little, it gets done. 

By the time I'd finished my slow stitching yesterday, the sun was out, and we could see our snow accumulation. It isn't much, and we're expecting rain for the rest of the week. It was fun while it lasted.

For my next trick, I tried going around all the outer border quilting with another line of stitching...weaving in and out for a ribbon effect. It's still not my best quilting, but it's good enough.

That bright turquoise binding helps distract from the parts I like least.

With that finished, it was time to work on my challenge quilt. My trusty assistant wasn't sure how best to use his many helping talents.

These collage quilts generate a lot of little bits and pieces of fabric and fusible web. He thought he could best help out by using his long tail to point the way to the wastebasket below.

I've been spending an hour each day working on it. It's a good amount of time so that I don't become frustrated, and yet I make enough progress to feel as if I'm accomplishing something. Here's your peek:

Remember that the prompt is "Portrait." Any guesses?

Back upstairs, I went to work clipping the Trashy Triangles for hand-sewing the binding. 

I thought I might be finished for the day, but then we turned on the news. While we watched, I was able to turn the first corner.

Today my respite from the challenge quilt will be taken up hand-sewing the rest of the binding. If I get tired of working on that, I'll start quilting another quilt from my "trashy series." This is the Chicken Feed quilt. The center panel is made up of bits and bobs from other quilts. To make it a nice lap quilt size, I added borders all around. I laid it out over the machine last night to let its wrinkles relax. 

It's actually looking pretty good, and so I can start quilting right away. I have just two more quilts sandwiched for quilting after I finish with Chicken Feed. After that, I have plenty more to sandwich.

The quilt conveyor belt just keeps moving through time. I'm hoping my list of finishes for 2022 will be a long one.


Barbara said...

If I waited for perfection I would never write a word. ~ Margaret Atwood

Mary C said...

Yes, your list of 2022 finishes will most definitely be a long one!

Deb E said...

What a lovely quilt! How about doing something different in the unquilted spaces on the border? I was thinking freehand stars....it would draw attention away from what you don't like (although it looks fine to me!).
Merry Christmas! Deb E

Jenny said...

I'm a "finished is better than perfect" type of quilter too. And I love stitching down bindings, it's always a great feeling to being so close to the finish line.

Julierose said...

I really like the extra quilting lines...they look great!!
I have no guess except --portrait of a whirlwind!! I'll bet it will be amazing
when done...
We are due to get some heavy rain and perhaps some snow tonight...
Now the only thing we need is propane to fuel our generator system!!
Hugs, Julierose

Anne Kirby said...

Haha when my Boogie needs attention, he backs up and lays down and his long tail sweeps everything away! Time for a break!! You are inspiring with your finishes...I still have 3 more gift/commission quilts to finish before I can get back to my own TBQ's. Next year!!

CarolE said...

You always inspire me to get more of my quilting projects done after reading your blog and seeing your progress! I wanted to thank you again for the gingerbread biscotti recipe. I made them for a group of gals I get together with every Christmas and they were a hit! They are definitely going to be regular every Christmas from now on!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I don't suppose I'd be right in guessing that the challenge piece might just involve Santa Claus - the colours might be right, but that would be too easy a guess I suspect.
Will be fun to watch you spend time with those chickens!

QuiltGranma said...

Love the color combination for the chicken quilt. Very striking! I seem to love all 9-patch quilts though.

Janarama said...

When I saw the colors of your challenge piece, I thought of Santa Claus. I see that Magpie's Mumblings said the same thing.

SJSM said...

Every time I read about another finish of yours, I mentally go through my list of projects. There are a lot of items that are many years old. By the time I finish going through the list, I decide it’s time to grab a cat and take a nap.