A Trashy Finish

Good morning, my friends. It's dark outside as I write this. Nearly 7:00 a.m., and still dark as night. It's the worst part of winter...the darkness. I'm afraid I would not make a very good citizen of the Land of the Midnight Sun, aka Land of the Noonday Night. (I just made that up, I think, unless someone else comes along to claim it.)

We had grocery shopping to do yesterday. When we got home, we both needed naps. Honestly, some days at the grocery store, I wonder if people are blind to others around them. It seemed virtually everyone was standing where I wanted to be, and they were undecided. While it was tempting to start shoving people aside, I was polite and asked them to kindly get the "F" out of the way. Also, I said "please."

Back home, we had some lunch and naps, and then I got to work stitching the binding on the Trashy Triangles. When I was ready to quit, I'd turned the third corner.

It was time then to spend an hour on my challenge piece. Smitty was my faithful helper cat. He made sure the scraps stayed where I'd put them.

It's getting harder to walk away when my hour is up now, and I usually spend a few minutes extra on it. I've been working on one particular element with all that red. I think today, I'll be reaching something more interesting. Here's your peek.

A couple of you guessed Santa Claus, and that's actually a very good guess, while still being incorrect. Nice try. Those are also my high school colors, but it has nothing to do with high school. Actually, as I'm thinking about this just now, it is extremely loosely associated with high school. That's all I'm gonna say. 

It was late in the day by then. While we sat watching the news, I sewed around the fourth corner...

And on to a finished quilt. YAY!! This one is a good size for our truck camper, and so it'll be living in there for now. I'll be taking out another of the quilts and swapping it out for the old one in the catio. The kitties won't get this quilt, but they'll get a new one in its place.

Here's how it looks from the back. I started this quilt on April 9, 2020. It ends up at 45 x 58 inches...a generous lap size.

This was my project for December's

so I'll link up there when the finish party starts at the end of the month.

Next, I'll get to work quilting another quilt from my trashy series. I'll start today quilting the "Chicken Feed" quilt. I really like this quilt. It's made from cut-off strip sets and scraps from other quilts. I know just how I'm going to quilt it too. I've been mulling over what color thread to use, and I'm pretty well settled on a nice bright red.

In other news, remember when Sam Hunter called for blocks for the "Collaborative Embroidery Project"? She calls her quilt "The Myriad Interpretations of Language," and the resulting quilt has been accepted into QuiltCon. Cool! The full quilt was to be revealed in November, but something about the QuiltCon rules caused her to keep it under wraps. Yesterday, she made the happy announcement that it had been accepted and encouraged those of us who participated to let folks know we would be at QuiltCon this year. Okay. My part took less than an hour, but it's fun knowing it'll be there. Here's the square I made:

Participants were sent an email with the following instructions:

Cut a piece of solid-colored cotton fabric to 6'' x 6''
Mark off a half-inch border all around with easy-to-remove tape, like blue painter's tape (I need this for seam allowance) leaving a 5'' x 5'' window in the middle.
Mark your name along the bottom of the fabric window in stitch or permanent pen on the FRONT. This will indicate which way is up and credit you visibly as a contributor.

Follow these stitching instructions:
This is the part where you get to do it *your* way. Don't consult with anyone about it!
Choose a thread that contrasts with your fabric
Using the thread, stitch a line on the fabric
Choose another color of thread
Stitch a second line that crosses the first
Okay, so there are a couple of short housekeeping chores on today's agenda, and I may make a trip to the post office. It depends on how energetic I'm feeling. For sure, I'll get back to my challenge piece. It's getting exciting now.


Barbara said...

Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first and is waiting for it. ~ Terry Pratchett

Lisa England said...

I always enjoy seeing your projects and reading your musings. I love your scrap quilt with the blacks, whites, and brights!

Sherrill said...

Love those trashy triangles--so bright and colorful, especially needed this time of year. I, like you and so many others, hate these long dark nights with not nearly enough light in between. Bring on the long, lovely days of summer!

piecefulwendy said...

I'm not even gonna try to guess your challenge piece, I like to be surprised. Pretty cool that The Myriad Interpretations of Language will be at QuiltCon - I look forward to seeing the quilt online, since I won't be at the event. Chicken Feed is a fun quilt - I love the border!

Jenny said...

I do like the look of your chicken quilt, the colours look a rather elegant Christmas combination to me.

Karen said...

Love your trasy triangles. ! Nice !
About the undecided shopers.. Umm, since when we're they allowed to take up WHOLE isle space ? Crimminy ! Can't get around them and they refuse to move. Grrr !

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

During covid, I discovered the joy of online grocery shopping - order and pick up. I order everything I don't need to pick out myself - cereal, rice, pasta, canned goods, bread, crackers, cookies, milk, etc and let them gather it all for me. Wonderful for those huge stores where you need something in every bloody corner! I let their employees do all that walking and searching. Then I can spend 1/4 of the time in the smaller grocery store on another day getting veggies and meat. I'm done in less far less time it used to take, with far less walking, waiting, and dealing with people in aisles that cannot make up their minds.

Vicki W said...

Trashy triangles turned out great and your quilting solution in the border worked out really well.....not that you can see it anyway. The vibrant center takes the eyes away from the border.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh yes, the annoyance at people who stand and contemplate life in front of the very thing you can grab in a hurry and be on your way. Asking them to step aside for a moment can get you in a world of trouble, depending on their mood at the time. Another good reason to let someone else do the shopping for me! And don't get me started on the fact that we went to the farmer's market ten minutes after they opened this morning to get one thing (apples) and had to wade through myriads of people most of whom were unmasked. Argh!!! I would have liked to have a look at the other items for sale but no way was I sticking around one moment longer than I had to.

SJSM said...

Yeah, indeterminate people can make shopping quite difficult. In our area the bigger problem is the width of the aisles. One must be quite careful to pass each other. Then the store puts up a displays every few feet that takes up aisle space. I get there is only so much room on the shelves and they want more stock on the floor. However you need cooperative shoppers in order to travel with a cart down the aisles.

Hope you now have everything you need in the house to survive another week.