Cats and Quilts

It was a busy day yesterday. Mike had a quick doctor's appointment, and we needed bird seed and peanuts to feed our hungry birds. Even more, we needed groceries. We were doing two weeks worth of shopping, and so it was a long list. It was lunch time before we were back home again. We had lunch, and then there was serious quilting business to take care of. I had just one row of blocks left to finish the quilting on Ella's Flower Garden. By mid-afternoon, it was all done.

I took it downstairs in the light of the living room windows for its picture. I get the best contrast there. It's a big quilt, and hard to capture the whole thing in a single frame. Looking at it from a different angle helps the quilting stand out more.

Here's how it looks from the back. I love that backing fabric. There was enough leftover to make another small quilt, and I'll be able to use it when I finish off the Books and Roses quilt.

Here's another angle of the back. I'm hoping you can see how pretty those Terry Twists look.

Probably there was time to finish the binding, but I was kind of tired of sewing. All quilting all the time for the past four days earned me an afternoon off, I figured. There will be plenty of time today to finish machine-sewing the binding, and then I'll take it with us next week for our little getaway.

I guess now is as good a time as any to say something about our getaway. We're heading up to the Puget Sound area for a few days. Our summer travel plan to go to Alaska was sidelined by COVID testing requirements at the Canadian border. Testing requirements have been lifted (for now), but we needed to make our decision sooner than that. We decided to postpone our trip until (hopefully) next year. And that left us with nothing planned for this summer. I've wanted to head up and get a look at the town of Sequim (pronounced "Skwim") for a long time. Sequim is notable because it's one of the few places in the Pacific Northwest where it doesn't rain 360 days out of the year. Some day we'll want to move on from the Three Cats Ranch. As much as we love our place, it's a lot of work. One day it will get to be too much for our aging bodies. We're looking around at places of interest for that eventuality.

Today's agenda is fairly well packed with things I need to do around the house, but I should still have plenty of time to finish my quilt binding. I have one housekeeping chore to do, and I need to get outside, water the flowers, and fill the bird feeders. When I came upstairs to write this post, I left the kitties sleeping in their favorite spots. Smitty is waiting for the sun to come over the horizon so he can toast his furs.

With her black fur, Sadie isn't a sun worshipper, but she does love being wrapped up in her favorite flannel quilt.

Mike is still asleep, and so it's the quiet time in the morning when I enjoy listening to my audio book and working on my slow-stitching. That's where I'm headed next.

I hope you've seen yesterday's post and entered my giveaway. There are a few days left before the draw.


Barbara said...

Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish. ~ John Jakes

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love this quilt so much and a big project to get under the 'finished' list will feel so good.

Julierose said...

A gorgeous finish on your quilt--I love the quilting pattern you chose...just perfect for those spaces. I totally "get" how you would want to scope out other places to reside--we are getting to the end of what we can do around here lately. Tempus Fugit for sure!!
Hoping all your work on the house is finishing up before your getaway, too.

I hope your trip is really enjoyable despite not being able to visit Alaska
right now...hugs, Julierose

Sara said...

Enjoy that getaway!!

The quilting turned out beautifully on the quilt. Great job!

Anonymous said...

In case you’re looking for somewhere to eat on your trip, we’ve enjoyed Gordy’s Pizza & Pasta in Port Angeles (just up the road from Sequim) several times. Quirky little place with great food! Have fun on your trip, Candy

Susan said...

The way Smitty is laying there it makes him look like a young/little cat.
Hope all the reconstruction is done on your basement before your trip, or else scheduled for after it. Sounds like a nice little trip.

piecefulwendy said...

Many years ago, we stayed in Sequim, just an overnight as we passed through. I have very little recollection of it, but I remember the unusual name. Looking forward to your trip, but I sure hope you get to do Alaska in 2023!

murphysranch said...

My Mother-in-Law was born in Sequim in the early 1920's. We have a photo of the house, and understand its still there!

Jenny said...

It's a shame your Alaska trip is put on hold, but as you say, there is always next year!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

That is a pretty quilt and you have chosen a great quilting pattern for it.

Kathy S. said...

Oh Smitty! Those little paws are so photogenic. Sadie looks so comfy in her blanket.

SJSM said...

After a bit of hiatus, I’m back to enjoying your post each morning. I will need to catch up on the basement issue. All else seems to be going at the usual pace at the 3Cat Ranch. Mikes summer projects and your outside work and quilting. Smitty and Sadie check to have your home in order. Lovely projects are finishing up and progress on your hit list. Glad the summer is going well in your neck of the woods.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think you're wise to look around now and find a place you might like to go when the time actually comes. Better than leaving it to the last minute and then being in a panic.
Your latest quilt is a beauty. It's so lovely with all the colo9urs and puts me in mind of the scrappy quilts that my grandmothers used to make.