Toasted Cats

When I came upstairs to write this post, I left the kitties soaking up the sun. Smitty was on his kitty pole, as usual.

Sadie found another big sunbeam where she could take a sunbath.

The plumber came and went yesterday. He repaired the leaky plumbing and rerouted things so that it's a lot less messy behind our wall now. Here's a picture, but it won't mean much. The pipe on the left that extends upward is a new addition. It used to come in where the two pipes connect on the right. 

Yeah, I know...clear as mud, but it is a rare glimpse behind the wall of our guestroom...not that you ever wanted to see that. I know I didn't. The next step is to find out if we're going to need mold remediation, and we're still waiting for the lab report for that. If it comes back clean, then reconstruction can begin. I'm hopeful the rest of the work can move along a little more quickly than it has so far. 

While the plumber was here, I went back to work making blocks for the Flannel 4-Patch quilt. When I wrote yesterday, I wasn't sure if I would make one or two more rows. When the first two rows were sewn together, it looked like this:

Smitty inspected and appurroved this design.

And that wasn't too bad. I took a break there and then came back and made one more row. The quilt has nine horizontal rows, and so it makes sense to do them three at a time.

I like it a little better now that I can see the pattern emerging. Here's how it looks from the back.

I was supposed to get my monthly pedicure today, but my nail artist has been feeling poorly and texted to reschedule. She isn't sick with COVID, but you know...there are other ways to be sick, even during a pandemic. It was the day I had planned to give her the Paintbox Pizzazz quilt...this one:

But that will have to wait now. No problem. I'm happy to have an unexpected day at home. There should be plenty of time for sewing, and so I'll be starting on the first of five sections for the Purrfectly Pieced quilt. This is the first section.

It's partly pieced and partly applique. The original quilt was done in flannel. I'm doing mine in quilter's cotton. I've purchased fabric for the background, but otherwise, I'll be using scraps from my stash.

While we watched the news last night, I finished up the next section for Pieces of the Past.

There was just a smidge left of the large bowl there on the right, and so I finished that off too. Then I started at the tippy top of the "sugar shaker."

I'm about 2/3 of the way across now. I need to finish the tablecloth at the bottom, stitch the sugar shaker, and then there's one more pitcher on the right-hand side. This is a large piece, and so I'm glad to be approaching the finish line.

Okay, so that's about all the news here at the Three Cats Ranch. With extra time on my hands today, I'm looking forward to getting a lot of sewing done. The weather is improving slowly. There's sunshine this morning, but we're expecting more rain this afternoon. After that, the weekend is looking good. We're hoping for sunshine and warmer temperatures. It's about time is all I can say.


Barbara said...

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats. ~ Albert Schweitzer

Deb E said...

Bet your nail person will love the quilt you are going to give her! Having a little more time to work on your projects is always welcome, isn't it? A suggestion -- while the wall is open it would be a good idea to take a picture of the repaired area so that you have something in the future to show a buyer should you ever sell (or for your heirs to show re: the repairs). Keeping the pictures with your documentation with your home file (we keep files for everything) makes it easy for the future.

Thanks for your blog - I enjoy every posting!

Deb Enders

Cathy Smith said...

When the pipe in my kitchen wall sprung a leak last fall the remediation company brought in three industrial strength fans to dry out the drywall (Yeah, real dry!). It sounded like I was living in a wind tunnel! They have an electronic measuring device that they press up against the wood framing to determine level of dryness. Those babies ran 24 hours a day for a full week until the little gizmo said "Dry". If I had had an RV on site the cat and I would have moved into it until that part of the process was finished.

It felt as if the repairs took as long as the original kitchen remodel! Trust me, I feel your pain!

piecefulwendy said...

Looks like a pretty relaxed day at TCR. I'm liking the flannel quilt so far!