A Short Sewing Day

My goal for yesterday's sewing was to get a start on the next block for the New Mexico Kitchen quilt. This is the 8th of 12 blocks, and so I'm making progress. These are fairly time-consuming, and not necessarily in a good way. They start with making the back. Fortunately, this one has no fringe at the bottom.

When that was finished, I added the applique. 

When that was all finished, I took a break. My plan for the day included coming back and getting started on the top-stitching, but I never did. I took the afternoon off to work on my talents as a slug. Smitty is always in favor of slug practice. He snuggled up beside me on the living room couch, and we had a good old-fashioned snooze fest under the blankets. Sometimes, I just want to get warm.

Each of the blocks for New Mexico Kitchen comes with a printed recipe. Here's the one for this block:

Looks easy enough. Just now I looked up the translation for this. These are a traditional New Mexican cookie. I don't believe I've ever had them. We lived in New Mexico when I was a little girl. Our stay there was short. My mother had serious asthma, and the New Mexico wind and dust gave her troubles. It was the only place my Marine father was ever stationed that he requested a transfer for medical reasons.

So I don't have much to show you today, but there are a few other items to discuss. For one thing, it's time to choose a goal for December's

My goal for December will be to quilt and bind the Appalachian Memories quilt. It's my current oldest UFO.

If you look at my "Quilts in Progress" page, you'll notice that a goodly portion of those quilts need only quilting and binding. I'm taking them from oldest to newest, and I'm hoping to get quite a few knocked off the list in 2022.

Also, the last Posies block has been released, and so that will be my first stop today. Here's the last picture I took of the grouping. The 11th block from last month is missing from this photo.

This is my project for 2021's 

Since we're no longer bound by any color of the month, I'm chosing a multi-colored fabric for December's block. My scraps are organized by color, but not all fabrics are so easily categorized. For those, I have a special bin of multi-colored scraps, and I'll pick something from that bin.

There's plenty on today's agenda. Unless I take a lazy turn, as I did yesterday, I'm hoping to get quite a bit done today. There's one housekeeping chore, and it's probably time to fill the bird feeders again. I'll start with the last Posies block, and then get back to top-stitching the New Mexico Kitchen block. That usually takes quite a bit of time, and so I expect that will keep me busy for the day.


Barbara said...

Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired. ~ Jules Renard

Julierose said...

You have a lot of QIP's --all such neat projects...
I'm on rest for what's left of today and tomorrow at least--I did way too much and have ended up sore once again...It is a hard lesson, it seems , to learn!!
Hugs, Julierose

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's always fun to see you working on the Mexican kitchen blocks - they're always so colorful. I think I'd like those cookies. Oddly I like anise but hate black licorice and I know they're similar in flavour.
And of course I don't need to tell you that I'm more than happy to see that barn quilt come up in the dance card rotation!

Sara said...

I had a little nap on the couch this afternoon, but without a kitty to keep me warm. Sometimes that “down time” is just what the body needs. You have some wonderful projects in the works.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yes, those nap days are a way of our body saying - I need rest! and glad you listened. A napping fur buddy is of great help as well. My two 'newbie' quilters had a previous event - annual gardener's club holiday dinner - so I had no stitching. I asked my one brother to come out and help with the defrosting of Mom's HUGE freezer - a LOT got thrown out. I dont think anyone would want to eat something from 2009 (no kidding on that date),

SJSM said...

I like the quote for the day. I got into the habit of being lazy after a summer lapse in skeletal/muscle health. It is tough to change that habit after so much time. You did make some progress, which would be significant for me. Keep,plowing away and the Mexican Kitchen block will be done in no time. I had not heard of that cookie either. It sounds tasty.

piecefulwendy said...

Interesting little tidbit about the NM issues with your mom's asthma. I've always thought that climate would be better for those who struggle with that; hadn't considered the wind and dust. I need to get groceries today, but first I need to maybe write a Thursday post (late).

Christine said...

I do so agree with Jules Renard!!