So Many Sandwiches

Hip Hip Hooray!!! Those quilt tops that have stacked up for the past year or so have been turned into quilt sandwiches. Eventually (and I hope I live long enough), they'll be finished quilts. Having dreaded the task for months, it sure feels good to have them all done. When I was ready to get started, I left Smitty warming Mike's lap.

Sadie is no lap-warming slouch either. 

She put in her time after Smitty went off to find adventure in the basement. You just never know when a stray mouse might be lurking. 

That reminds me to update you on the most recent mousecapades. I went searching for any remains the morning after the night of hunting, but didn't see any sign of it. It made me wonder if they'd caught it or if it was still on the loose. Yesterday morning I found what was left of it. I'll spare you the description of what I found, but it's safe to say the mouse has gone to that big hunk of cheese in the sky. It doesn't stop the kitties from searching though.

So I was working from the largest quilt to the smallest. The next one up was the hand embroidered "I Believe in Snowmen" quilt. This one fought me every step of the way. I'm probably still going to have to work a little harder to get pleats out of the back, but I was tired of messing with it, and so I moved along. 

The next three quilts were part of my "trashy" series. These were all made with bonus triangles, cut off bits and bobs, and orphan blocks. The first one is "Trashy Triangles."

Then, "Chicken Feed." I'm especially fond of this one.

And then, "Waste Not Whatnots." When this one comes up for quilting, I'm going to fill in some of the larger black sashings with some fancy quilting in a bright color. 

Just two left, and the next one was the "Tiny Tuesday" quilt. These were the Tiny Tuesday blocks made as a part of the Rainbow Scrap Sampler in 2019.

And finally, another Dream Big panel. This one is the Dream Big Leaf. I had so much fun quilting the Dream Big Dahlia, I wanted to do another one.

And there you go...12 quilts for quilting. These will keep me busy for a while.

They were all stacked up for their picture, but I needed to move the pile to another spot in my sewing room. Let me just tell you, that is one heavy stack of quilts.

Okay, so I budgeted three days for this task, and only used two days. That means I have a free day today. I'm going to get to work on the Get Well Kitty pattern. It shouldn't take long to finish off. It seems like a good day to do laundry too. 

We're halfway expecting out-of-town guests tomorrow, and I've been fitting in housework all during the week. (I wouldn't want our guests to see how we really live, now would I?) She messaged me the other day saying they'd had car problems, and we know how that can throw a monkey wrench into the best laid plans. So I'm not sure if they're still planning to come, but I expect we'll see them at some point. Also, we haven't seen hide nor hair of the roofers. If they don't come by today or tomorrow, then we'll start making more noise about getting our project finished. It's so, so close, and yet so far.

So, it's pretty much a NBS day for me. What are you up to today?


Barbara said...

Life is like a sandwich! Birth as one slice, and death as the other. What you put in-between the slices is up to you. Is your sandwich tasty or sour? ~ Alan Rufus

Julierose said...

What beautiful quilts to look forward to quilting now that they are all layered up...
I may go that route and just layer all my "Man" to help me out though...
you have inspired me. ;)))
Last night, unable to sleep, I stitched the little pumpkins on my wool project...stitching on wool is so different--the stitches "sink" right into that fabric...takes some getting used to...

Hugs, Julierose

Darlene S said...

Wow, 10 quilts sandwiched and ready to quilt. That is awesome. I'm finishing up some machine embroidery projects today and hope to be able to finish a cross stitch project. Then I can get back to doing freemotion quilting, which I am looking forward to you. Maybe we can FMQ virtually together. Either way, I'll be thinking of you and admiring how organized you are.

Christi Bentley said...

I loved the parade of sandwiched quilts. I was like......."Oh, I remember that one!" and "Oh, I loved this one!" Can't wait to see you quilt them! Good Luck!

Nancy said...

That is a beautiful pile of quilts. Isn’t it wonderful when a tasks takes less time than you thought. When that happens I always wonder why I put it off so long. Because I always add so much more wait time that actual work time. I am a master procrastinator.

Maybe those roofers are waiting for a break in the rain. Either that or the materials are still not there. They now have supply chain issues to blame everything on.

piecefulwendy said...

So many cool quilts, but I have to admit I'm really liking Chicken Feed! Today I'm going fabric shopping with a friend, so we'll see what I come home with!

SJSM said...

Nice to have 3 days of work become 2. You will enjoy dreaming of your quilting motifs as you set your schedule to quilt them. Glad to hear your beasts are on patrol to corner any errant critter that dares to come into your home.

Laundry….a dreaded but necessary task. Our washer started leaking a month ago and we started looking for a new one. It’s 22 years old so it lasted a long while. Supply chain issues are very apparent. I started out researching and deciding on a washer that met my parameters. Then the appliance stores were visited. First one, then another did not yield my desired washer. All were with lead times into summer or fall of 2022. Each request took several days for a reply. I even placed orders that were rejected by the manufacturer as they could not give a delivery date. Okay, I will look online….no stock. Then I went for my second choice…then the third. I found one that was a store display model. The sales person checked on its history. It was DOA then was "fixed" but did not know the issue. Also the warranty was expired…..not the machine for me. By now water is running out of my machine each time I am using it. Desperation is setting in. I go to various stores looking for anything in stock. I finally find a set I can live with this week. Today is delivery day. Let’s say it’s a rare time I am looking forward to doing laundry as mount washmore is overtaking my home.

Hope your laundry day goes without drama.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Impressive 2 days and what a nice show & tell.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Glad your shoulder held up throughout this marathon. I've enjoyed seeing your 'quilt show' and it was nice to be reminded of some of the ones I've seen you working on earlier.
I'm back to working on a landscape and trying to figure out how to create a ghostly image of a church. One step forward, one bigger one back!!