Once and Future Sewing

It was a busy day yesterday. We started our morning with Eggs Benedict for Mike's birthday breakfast. My shoulder is feeling much better now six months out from my bike accident. I can do most things on my own now, but whisking things like Hollandaise sauce will make it hurt. Mike whisked his own Hollandaise for this meal. In all of this, he's gaining a new appreciation for some of the things that go on in the kitchen.

After that, I did the only sewing of the day when I sewed the binding on the Poppy Mosaic. This might seem like a strange choice of fabrics to you (on the left).

When I finish a quilt top, I usually make the quilt back at the same time, and then cut all the strips I'll need for the binding. Then everything gets stacked together. When I pulled out these binding strips, I wasn't sure I'd picked the right ones. On the other hand, they didn't go with any of the other quilts I had sandwiched for quilting either. So I checked on an old blog post...sure enough. I said I'd auditioned a bunch of fabrics, and I liked this one best. Okay...no need to reinvent the wheel, right? So it's sewn on now, but that's as far as I got with it. I had a mission in mind.

As I mentioned yesterday, my favorite local quilt shop gives a 25% discount on your whole purchase during the week of your birthday. It seemed like a good time to buy yardage for quilt backs on some of the quilts I'm working on right now. So, I left, armed with a list of the quilts that would eventually need backs, and I came home with all of this:

So here's what they're for. The top one was in their bargain basement (literally, in their basement). I just liked it. There was 1-5/8 yards left on the bolt, and I took it all. There is no plan for it. 

The rest were all bought for specific quilts. This one

will be the back for New Mexico Kitchen. Here are the blocks I have for this quilt so far. 

There's actually one more that didn't make it's way into the photo.

This project is next up in my sewing room.

The next fabric, this pretty floral,

will be the backing for Jenny's Flower Garden.

I still need to sew the blocks together, but then that will be a finished top.

This one...

will be for the Posies quilt I'm working on right now. 

I won't need the backing until next year, at the earliest, but it's good to be prepared. There could be some kind of fabricatastrophe between now and then. It's a weird world right now.

Finally, this one. This was another from their bargain basement.

This will be for the City Bank quilt.

I still need 12 more blocks before I can finish off this top. While I was shopping, I pulled two bolts off the shelf, and I was having a hard time making up my mind between the two. When they reached the cutting counter, I made my decision and put the other one back.

So, hey...that was a good day of shopping. I saved $72.26 with my discount. Mission accomplished.

Sadie has discovered the joys of the wood box in the morning. She can keep an eye on squirrels, lie in the sun, stay dry...why, it's a kitty paradise right there outside our dining room window.

People are so impurrtinent, however...always tapping on the glass trying to get you to look their direction. It's very exaspurrating.

This morning I'm heading off to the farmer's market with Erik and Mae. We're expecting both clouds and sunshine, but no rain. I don't really have anything on my list aside from enjoying their company. 

When I get home, there's plenty to do. The whole family will be up for dinner tomorrow to celebrate our three May birthdays and Mother's Day. My part in the whole affair will be small, but I want to make a green bean dish today, and then tomorrow, I'll be baking a pie. There's a little housework that should get done too. I have to set a good example for my kiddos, don't you know. So with all of that, I'm just hoping to turn a couple of corners on my quilt binding today. 


Barbara said...

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most. ~ John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice

MissPat said...

Hurray! It looks like with Follow.it I'll get your post the day it was written instead of the next day. That's an improvement already. I'd say you made some very good choices with your backing selections. One of our local shops is shutting down their physical store and moving to online, so they are having a 30% off sale for the month of May. Three of us are going down next Tuesday and I'm going to try to be good, but you never know what will call your name. Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy the joint celebrations.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Happy Birthday, and Happy Mother's Day! You found a bunch of really great choices for your backings! I've visited Boersma's in McMinnville whenever we've come to Oregon, and always come out with something. The top one with the cardinals is so pretty!

Darlene of Creative Latitude said...

Happy Mother's Day. For it only being six months after your BIG accident, I think you are doing fantastic and soon you'll have 100% usability. Your Eggs Benedict look perfectly yummy, as usual. Nice way to celebrate Mike's birthday. Looks like you had an awesome time shopping and great savings too! Super buys!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wow - your fabric therapy trip was definitely worthwhile! You found the absolute perfect fabrics for those quilts. And I think I would have brought some of that cardinal fabric home too - just to have in the stash. And that eggs benedict looks yummy!! Enjoy your Mother's Day and birthday celebrations tomorrow.

Quilting Babcia said...

It's always so good to know that Boersmas us still going strong! You found some great fabrics during your birthday shopping binge. Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow!

gpc said...

What a great birthday discount! (happy birthday to you both if I haven't already said that!) And your backing choices are fabulous, as always. Love the cardinal fabric, I would have definitely been tempted by that, too. Although, until I find some way to organize what I have, I am sternly reminding myself not to buy fabric just because I like it. I can be so mean sometimes.

piecefulwendy said...

You scored some great fabric, and the Eggs Benny looks delicious! Happy Mother's Day - enjoy the time with your family!

SJSM said...

Everything is working well...even you in the kitchen having your sous chef. Doesn’t it feel so normal to walk into a store and go shopping, even in a mask? It is a bit unnerving after the last year. You chose some wonderful fabrics to finish your quilt backs. Follow It is working. I seem to be later in their delivery system than the Google one. Lots of comments to read and appreciate.

kc said...

And a belated happy birthday to you both! Yep, we've been under a rock, lately, so sorry about that! Your fabric choices are spectacular!!! Couldn't have been any more perfect!

We have lithotripsy scheduled for tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to call that brings. And hopefully, a less cranky hubster.

Take care!

QuiltGranma said...

Great fabric choices and on sale for YOU! reading about the length of time since your injury helps me gage how long it will take for my wrist to get closer to back to normal. (I broke my radius --arm bone next to thumb-- the end of March and am finally out of the cast. Much is still numb and patience is difficult. It was my rt wrist and I'm rt handed!)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great fabrics you chose. Now to make a cardinal quilt.

CA Bobbie said...

Belated Happy Birthday to all your May bd's.I also have missed the pleasure of actual fabric shops. I put myself on a "no buy" during this isolation time. But over the weekend found myself in Rosie's just to indulge my fabric love. I do love all your pics of your yard. I'm such a black thumb even weeds don't grow for me. Go figure.