Double Dose

Originally, I wasn't planning to blog a second time today. I wrote my reveal post several weeks ago, and didn't know I'd be finishing a quilt top today. So...obviously, that can't go unnoted. I wasn't sure I could get all three borders sewn to the "I Believe in Snowmen" quilt, but the proof is in the pudding. Here it is:

Of course, it still needs quilting and binding. I'll be making a quilt back for it today. It finishes up at 56 x 64 inches. Smitty was my helper cat yesterday. When I sewed the 48 flying geese blocks together, I came up 2 short. He held the rulers in place so I could quickly make up two more and finish it off.

And there are plenty of new blooming things to tell you about too. The rhododendrons and the azaleas are really beginning to take off now.

These are the first flowers to open on these two bushes, but there will be lots more to come, and in lots of different colors.

Also, the azaleas...some are so brightly colored, you'd expect them to glow in the dark.

The lithodora is beginning to bloom. The flowers are tiny...about the size of a dime.

And, yay! A poppy bud. I was beginning to think they wouldn't bloom this year. Now that I've seen one bud, I expect there will be more.

Three of the five peonies have buds now. This one is beginning to show its colors. Those beads of moisture are bits of "honey" put out by the flower. We don't have a lot of ants, and so I haven't noticed any on the peonies. They are attracted to this nectar produced by the peonies. We don't need ants for them to bloom, but they're missing out on a good time if they don't show up.

Oh yes, and we have two varieties of cattails. There is the long and tall striped version, and then the short, comma-curved version, black with hints of orange.

Finally, the goldfinches have returned. When we start seeing goldfinches at the feeder, we know spring has officially arrived at the Three Cats Ranch.

It should be a pretty easy day today. I have one housekeeping chore to do, and then I'm going to get busy making the quilt back for the finished quilt top. Don't look for this to be quilted any time soon. I have about a year-long backlog on my quilts to be quilted pile.

And that brings me to my next quilting project. This being the first day of the month, it's time to set a goal for May's

My goal for May is to quilt and bind the poppy quilt from last year. You might recall I was using it to urge along the blooming of the garden poppies.

I note that I finished this quilt top in May of last year, and the first poppy bloomed the very same day. Now, in 2021, I'm only just seeing the first bud. It's amazing how things change from year to year.

So Happy May Day, everybody! And Happy Birthday to my dear daughter-in-law, Mae! The Universe smiled on us the day you joined our family.


Barbara said...

Never be afraid to be a poppy in a field of daffodils. ~ Michaela DePrince

Julierose said...

Good for you getting that finished--it does look so pretty...I love those little houses on the bottom--
Pretty Rhodie blooms...mine is all budded but no flowers yet...
Hugs, Julierose

gpc said...

I love the Snowman quilt -- the snowmen are cute but I didn't expect the 'wow' of the finished project. Interesting that finches are a spring signal for you. We have had them for about a month now, and still hard frosts at night. Finches who summer in Michigan are clearly a hardy bunch.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I love your 'I Believe in Snowmen' quilt. I really like the balance of the prints and stitching. Good luck with this month's goal :)

Frédérique said...

Wow, your snowmen quilt is fabulous, I love it! Pretty real flowers, and your poppies ready to be quilted are beautiful too.

piecefulwendy said...

It is worth celebrating that you have recovered enough from your tumble and have a quilt top finished without any shoulder issues. Those flowers are gorgeous. I imagine that a stroll in your yard is awash in color. How lovely that must be! Nice photo of the goldfinch and kitties too!

Mary R. said...

The poppy quilt is stunning!

SJSM said...

Aww, how sweet and loving to acknowledge Mae's birthday. The first recognition of May Day for me was the Hawaiian version. May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii. They even have a song about it. There were several teachers in the school who were from Hawaii so a school assembly was held with students recreating the traditions of Hawaii. As a result I’m the only one humming Hawaiian song and drifting off to Hawaii as others have different agendas for the day.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I really like the red and white and all the various techniques in this quilt design. I think my favourite part (after the sweet stitcheries) are the houses on the bottom.
(btw - I've always heard that peonies 'need' ants in order to flower, but obviously such is not the case if yours are any indication)

Kirsten said...

Beautiful quilt. I look forward to seeing it finished.