Almost a Finish

Something kept me busy all day yesterday, but I'd be hard pressed to say what it was. It seemed as if I was wandering from thing to thing with no real direction or destination in mind. As I mentioned yesterday, we went on a little outing to a local nursery and then made a quick trip to the grocery store for two items. Maybe it's always been this way, but going out seems to leave me disoriented. I almost never know what day it is any more. When we're traveling, I'm at least aware of the date since we have only so long to stay in any one place. When we're home, and now with Mike permanently retired, every day looks like the one before, and I lose track of time. It isn't a bad thing. I've realized that being unaware of the day and date makes one fully present in the moment, since we're not distracted by whatever comes next. 

But go out, we did, and we found the clematis we were looking for. There were several to choose from, but this was the one with the dark purple flowers. I tried unsuccessfully to take a picture of the one we bought. It's a little scrawny thing. With a little love, water, and sunshine, it should grow into the clematis it was meant to be. We first saw this clematis in the RV park near Mayfield Lake in Washington. When I first laid eyes on it, I could only say, "It will be mine." Here's the one we saw "in the flesh" on our camping trip last year.

Without knowing for sure, the one from yesterday looks pretty much the same. The one above has fewer petals, but I still think it's the same flower.

Here's another photo I found online. Ours has buds on it, and they look like the buds in the picture below.

Also, we found some hanging baskets. We had to replace the ones we purchased earlier. We were finding dead bees all over our deck. We wondered about it, but then saw two bees fly into the petunias and fall to the ground dead within about 30 seconds. That was all we needed to know, and so we removed them to the indoors. Now they're dead and dumped on our burn pile where they'll suffer for their sins. I've written to the local merchant about it, although it wasn't their fault. It's the grower who is to blame, and possibly the grower isn't even aware they have a problem. Whatever the case, we've replaced them with these two, and hopefully, these won't harm the bees.

In slow-stitching land, I finished stitching most of what was in my hoop for the Appalachian Memories quilt block.

Now I've moved my hoop to the left where I can get that whole section completed before moving rightward.

The quilting is finished on Sweet Land of Liberty. 

When I left off, I was working on this "piano key" motif in the outer border.

Here's how the quilting looks from the back. Also, I stitched in the ditch around the center panel and the outer border.

Now the binding is on, and it just needs hand stitching to be my newest finish. It shouldn't take too long.

The only other thing I did yesterday was to pick all the sage blossoms I could find. I worried today's rain would destroy them, and so I picked what I could, rinsed them in a small salad spinner, and put them in the refrigerator. I don't have nearly enough to make sage blossom vinegar yet, but I'm hoping these will last until a few more flowers open up. And if they don't...well, no biggy.

Smitty caught, not one, but two squirrels yesterday. He's caught three gophers and three squirrels in three days. You wouldn't be mistaken in thinking he's a valiant hunter and provider. And let me just tell you, hunting is hard work. A guy needs a good long nap after heroic work. And even with no heroic work, napping is always a good plan.

Today I'll finish off Sweet Land of Liberty, and then I'll get a start on quilting Hearts A-Plenty. It's another quilt small enough to quilt on my domestic machine. 

I'm also going to start working on a challenge quilt. My prompt is "Love is like a butterfly." I have several ideas about things I could do, but nothing really decided yet. It'll be a mystery for you since I'll only be able to show you peeks for the time being.

11 comments from clever and witty friends:

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

How is Smitty's cheek, where he got bit?

Karen said...

Please tell in your blog what was killing the bees ? Do we need to be aware of what...

Yo! Smitty! Good going on the hunt.

HouseDragon said...

Aloha from The Middle of Nowhere!

Any poison that kills bees that quickly is quite probably extremely dangerous to humans and kitties alike.

Please be careful burning: don't let anyone/kitties be downwind.

The garden center should, at the very least, recall the rest of the hanging baskets. They should have comped your new baskets!

Smitty!!! GOOD CAT!!!

Julierose said...

Ooh sorry to hear bout those hanging baskets--have you found out what was killing the bees?
I love that bluest of blue clematis you purchased--lovely...such a saturated color...
Liberty looking so good...am working away on hand quilting my 4th of July )I hope to be finished by then!) baskets...
Take care Hugs from afar julierose

Sandra W said...

A plant that kills bees? Possibly some pesticide or fertilizer? Disturbing.
Smitty looks totall exhausted.
I'm at my cottage--you sa photo on instagram last night. But I seem to have acquired carpal tunnel--hand in brace--so hard to sew.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

That is a little scarey that plants are that hazardous. You are on a roll with quilting your smaller projects. I have a pile waiting - quilting a large one right now.

Christine said...

Smutty is soooo right...napping is always good!

Sandra J said...

I love your Hearts A Plenty quilt! Could I have more information about the designer, publisher? I would like to try and find the pattern for myself. I’m glad you and your family are staying well.

piecefulwendy said...

I'm curious like the others as to what was killing the bees in those flowers! I planted petunias this year, but I assume single plants might be less risky? Good work finishing that quilt - I like it very much! Wilbur has decided he wants very little to do with me lately, attaching himself to the guys. I think it's because I've scolded him a couple of times, or it could be that he's moved into the "teen years" - haha. I'm hoping it's just a season, I kinda miss the cuddles. Anyway, Smitty looks pretty chill after all that hunting. That clematis is gorgeous!

SJSM said...

Yep, days just roll by without an outside stimulus to keep us on track. The evening news is my date check point. Love the clematis. It will be a nice addition to your "every blooming thing" roundup in your garden.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I agree that the days are blending into each other with no real structure happening. I'm busy every day and can't seem to keep up with many of the things I did without thinking before all this happened. Not sure why that is although I suspect it's a mindset that there's no point in rushing at anything because there's lots of time. Thankfully the date appears on my computer and I can check that! I never would have thought that something like a hanging plant could kill the bees - the grower needs to be taken to task over that because obviously they've sprayed with something they shouldn't. Bees are dwindling in such great numbers which is truly frightening.