Change of Plans

Do you ever leave little reminders around to keep yourself on track? That's what I do sometimes...make a decision, and then write a note, or leave something in plain sight, or put an obstacle in my own path to remind me of said decision. That's what happened yesterday. I said I was going to get back to work on Jenny's Flower Garden. When I went in the sewing room, however, I was reminded that I'd decided to finish off the Stitched Inchies 2.0. It was laid out on my sewing table as a reminder.

My monthly goal has been to finish sewing together one quilt top, quilt one larger quilt, and quilt one small quilt. When those things are finished, I can work on my list of WIPs or else start something that can be finished within the month. My pile of unfinished quilts is wearing on me, and so I'm making a big push to get a lot of them finished up during 2020. Possibly the pandemic came along just to offer encouragement: stay in the sewing room and stay safe.

So, anyway, since I wasn't able to finish off the Shop Hop quilt, I decided to do another of the little quilts. Only, then I forgot. Only, then I remember to leave myself a reminder, because I'm aware that I have a mind like a steel trap. So Jenny's Flower Garden was set aside for another day or so, and I sandwiched the Stitched Inchies for quilting.

It's a small quilt...just 12 x 14 inches. I quilted the embroidery background with a meandering flower and vine, and then switched to a purple thread to finish the border with a feathered motif. Pretty simple and quick.

Sadie offered up her petite body as a ruler weight. How would I ever get anything done without my furry furriends?

When we had it squared up, I asked her if she liked the yellow binding fabric I'd picked out.

Pawsibly you might purrfur something that matches my lovely furs better?

We searched through some scrap bindings, but she eventually agreed that the yellow was best with the pansy fabric in the border. And here's where I left it. Just the hand stitching is left, and it will be finished. No doubt, I'll finish it off today.

Mike and I made a quick trip into town yesterday. I needed a couple of things for dinner. When we got home, it was raining pretty hard. The kitties were intrepid and went outside anyway. I took this picture of them through the window. When it's raining, they hang out using the branches of this tree as their umbrella. Sorry about the reflections.

Today I have an appointment to take Eliza in for her service. The shop isn't opened, but I'm instructed to stick my head inside the door to announce myself, and then someone will come out to unload the machine for me. After that, I'll get to work on Jenny's Flower Garden. Our weather is supposed to improve. I'm really hoping we can get the vegetable garden planted this week.


Julierose said...

Jenny's Flower Garden is beautiful--I really love the pansies' borders..Mine is finally all traced and ready to embroider...if I could just work up the energy...
But, after shopping early on this morning, I am totally pooped!! Came home and did the sanitizing thing, washed and changed my clothes and showered...phew...meat counter was really low--managed to get a 2.5lb pkg of ground beef--but that's all in the neat dept.
[Mdm La Zonga sees a lotta meatloaf and burgers in my future!!]..

So so weary...thanks for a lovely post--you do inspire me ;)))
~ ~ ~ waving in the 35 mph winds today Julierose

piecefulwendy said...

I like the flowered border you're using on that little quilt, and the yellow binding was a great choice. Those little finishes are so satisfying! Hope your machine is fixed quickly. I hope your day is lovely and the planting goes well!

Christine said...

Excuse my ignorance.... how do you manage to stitch those lovely patterns, think you call it quilting? Do you have,a set pattern on your sewing machine, or do you do it out of your head?
I love the finished effect.

QuiltGranma said...

The beautiful pansy border really helps set off the embroidery!

quiltzyx said...

Well, dear Barbara, at least you have a mind like a steel trap, as opposed to my mind which more resembles a stainless steel sieve!

The Stitched Inches look quite lovely with those Pansies all around! Congrats on the finish!!

Were the kitties in the catio with the leaves as an umbrella?