Happy Valentine's Day!

The sun came up without me this morning. The kitties started their usual rabble rousing before dawn, but the rabble refused to be roused. Eventually they gave up and went back to sleep. It was kind of nice to get up to a world bathed in sunlight for a change. The most exciting thing that happened yesterday was seeing Erik and Mae off. They should have made their way back to Portland by late yesterday evening. I believe they have the rest of the week off before returning to work on Monday.

Before breakfast, I had some time to stitch up the next inchy. This one will have a pink rose stitched up from the dreaded Bullion stitch. It's too horrible to contemplate, apparently, and so we'll stitch it later after the rest of the piece is finished. (Actually, it's so that the three dimensional rose doesn't get in the way of our loose floss as we stitch the remainder.)

We met Erik and Mae for breakfast at a genuine French bakery here in Pahrump, Nevada. The baker even had a French accent. It made me wonder how she ended up coming to Pahrump (of all places) from France. I wish I'd thought to take pictures, but I found some on her Trip Advisor page that I can borrow to show you. Her little bakery was located in a stip mall at the north end of town.

She had the most beautiful breads, and they were tasty too.

We were sorely tempted by the pretty little pastries in her dessert case.

And look at this pretty fruit tart.

Mike had this breakfast sandwich.

I had a Caprese sandwich with fresh mozzarella, arugula, tomatoes, and basil pesto. It was delicious. The kids shared a quiche lorraine and a lemon tart. It was a nice way to see them off.

When we got back to the RV, we got Smitty out for a short roll in the dirt. His outings take less time than it takes to harness him up, but he loves rolling in the dirt. He rolls his whole body, and then also rubs his chin and his cheeks. Ahhhhhhh...nothing like a good dirt bath to make a guy feel all...um...dirty.

While he was out with Mike, I worked on my hand quilting again.

This is moving along faster than it seems. I laid it out for a picture yesterday...which I decided not to take...and it appears to be a little more than half finished. I'll just keep working away at it, but now I'm optimistic I'll finish it before I die.

Also yesterday, I made some Quick Pickled Onions. These were super easy. I'm giving them a few days before I use them, and so I can't really say how they taste just yet. They're "quick," because they can be used after sitting for an hour at room temperature. If you don't use them right away, they can be refrigerated for up to two weeks. I opted for the latter.

The plan is to use them with another recipe for a steak salad. That will be for Saturday night's dinner, and so I'll tell you about it after we've eaten it. As I've mentioned, I've been trying to use up food I brought from home. One straggler is a little unopened box of feta cheese. The cheese will be used in the salad, and then most everything from the refrigerator will be gone. There are still a couple of frozen soups in the freezer.

So here we are at Valentine's Day. The RV park is serving up a steak and lobster dinner tonight for $20 per person, and we signed up for that. Otherwise, I think it will be a sewing day. I misspoke in yesterday's post when I said we were here in Pahrump until the 17th. It's actually the 16th...Sunday...and then we'll move along to Caliente, Nevada, to see a couple of state parks in that part of Nevada.

It was disappointing to learn that two of our future destinations are not going to be acceptable for this trip. One, Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, doesn't seem to have any RV parks close by...none that are opened for the season, in any case. Then I looked at the next stop, which would have been Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert. I found an alert stating that the main road through the park will be closed in the middle for some bridge work. We could enter the park from the north entrance, or we can enter from the south entrance, but we'll miss a significant portion in the middle. Well...that won't do, and so we'll come back again another time. With all of that, Caliente is our only planned stop for the time being. We'll have five nights there, and then figure out what to do next.

6 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kate said...

The bakery looks amazing! But very dangerous. Hopefully you can find some other cool places to hang out while avoiding the winter weather at home. I'm off to Montana on Monday for work. It's probably not going to be warm there.

piecefulwendy said...

Oh those bakery items look tasty! Glad you enjoyed your time with Erik and Mae. Sorry to hear that two of your destinations aren't going to work, but I'm sure you'll find something fun in place of them. Your stitching is coming along well.

Denise :) said...

Ooooh! The fruit tart looked very yummy! So did your breakfast sandwich! When I first glanced at your stitchery, it looked like a little cat paw print! Nice to feel like you're making progress on the hand quilting, huh? It's also kinda nice to be able to just travel where the whim takes you!! Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Karen said...

Oh ! La-la ! The French bakery looked fantastic. I would have loved to tear into some of that wood fired baked french bread.
Thank you for the details on the stitching. It really helps a lot.
Smitty, you georgous hunk of feline. You are beautiful.
Sadie, you just keep on being cute.
I'm enjoying my arm chair trip immensely. I've had to un-retire... Again, so you are for sure the best HBO. Thanks for everything.

quiltzyx said...

I could almost smell the deliciousness of O Pain Joyeaux! MMMmmm, warm bread with buttah sounds really good right now. I used to get some little fruit tarts from Wolfe's Market here in Claremont. I wonder if they still have them?

I knew you could do the hand quilting & make progress! Good on ya!

Janis P said...

Thank you again so much for taking me along on your vacation. I'm homebound with my 2 kitties, so your travels are especially appealing for me. I had to write today because of your "the rabble refused to be roused" comment. I laughed for a solid 30 seconds at that. I too refuse to be roused every morning. They often jump clear over my twin bed. At least I know they're getting enough exercise! Please keep up your wonderful blogging!