All About the Cats

We've arrived in our home for the next two weeks here in Hemet, California. We generally make a trip down here once per year. It's a good-sized town without being too big, and this is a very nice RV park with three swimming pools, three jacuzzis, volleyball both in water and on dry land, and lots of other activities for old farts...that would be us.

Smitty wasted no time getting out for a real walk this time. He's been here before. As I've mentioned on previous walks, he doesn't like the wide open spaces. Here, the space is fairly secluded, and so he felt less vulnerable. He gave those bushes on the left a good sniffing, and then he marked his "terrortory." No other cats allowed, thank you.

He may have found a lizard nestled in some leaves that collected at the bottom of this bush. This gave him no end of amusement as he scratched at the leaves and generally acted like a cat.

And everything was going along purringly until I looked across at our neighbor and saw this fellow looking back. No worries, I thought. He's confined to his own catio, and Smitty hadn't noticed him.

Although, I think Sadie had him spotted...or maybe it's a her...hard to tell.

Then, I noticed the catio is open on one side, and the cat is free to roam if s/he so chooses. S/he even has a ladder there for ease of ingress and egress. And, YIKES! We definitely don't want a repeat of the Fang episode from our last trip here.

On our last trip, our neighbors had a little cat they left tied up and unaccompanied outdoors. His name was Rocky, and Smitty hated him from the first time he laid eyes on him. Just look at that evil face. Goodness knows what horrors he's plotting in that wicked head of his.

Smitty never got a minute's rest because he had to keep an eye out for that cat every second of every day. It really burned his biscuits.

I don't think he's spotted this new cat across the way, but he's still watching out for that other cat. We know it's out there somewhere, and so Smitty is being vigilant.

Sadie can rest easy knowing Smitty's on the job.

Don't worry your purretty little head, Missy. I'll purrtect you.

We were a little hemmed in on our last visit, and so we asked for a space farther out. We're as far as we can be on the west side of the park, with a wall behind us.

And pretty much nothing ahead of us. Mike can park his truck in one of the many empty spaces down this road, which gives us more room at our own site.

He was going to ask permission until I reminded him that asking forgiveness was the better way to go.

Mike has a list of projects about a dozen deep for our time here. Today we'll get out and pick up some needed supplies, and he already has an Amazon delivery scheduled. I need to pick up some supplies for the Crabapple Hill Sew-along for International Embroidery Month. I ordered the floss I need from the Crabapple Hill website, and I expect it will arrive later in the week. As for the other supplies, this will involve a trip to Jo-Ann, which always puts me in a bad mood. I'd go somewhere else, but Jo-Ann will have the best prices for the supplies I need. Also, we'll be stopping off at a Staples where I'll be able to print the pattern and instructions. So...there's plenty on the agenda for today.

The rest of the week is scheduled pretty tightly already too. Tomorrow Mike has hired a crew to come and wax our RV. This new RV has full-body paint, and so we've been waiting for our arrival here in Hemet to give it a good wax job. On Wednesday Mike's sister Meredith will pay us a visit from her home in nearby Fullerton. On Thursday is the Road to California quilt show, and we have a meet-up with some friends on Sunday. Somewhere in all of that, I'm hoping to get in a sewing day or two. As with our last visit, we'll get in some walks around the park. There is always lots to see.

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

Linda said...

That Crabapple Hill pattern is really cute. I have a friend that lives in Hemet who sends me pictures of her view of the mountains. It's a pretty town. I'm always happy to see photos of the kitties. Maybe I'm over-protective, but I'll never understand folks who let their cats roam free in a strange area.

Robin said...

Smitty and Sadie are so beautiful Barbara. Good to know he's on the job! Get em Smitty!


Well--the kitties sure seem to be enjoying the RV life!!
and that does look like a neat park to be in--have fun shopping--as for the Crapapple stitch along--I have all the thread but one color and the pencils all but 3 colors--and in order to order those 3 colors from Blick it would cost me more in shipping ($7.95) than the 3 pencils--soo--??? what I really need the most is a light box for tracing--this pattern and other patterns--so am looking into that right now--think I found a nice one on Amazon--and one of the pencil colors I need--so may do that--!!!
enjoy--luv, di

QuiltShopGal said...

It looks like you have a pretty good site this time, other than potential cat bullies. Silly me, as I've never seriously traveled with cats, I had no idea that they could remember being in a particular place before, or that there were mean cats (or dogs) there before. On the other hand, Smitty is far more intelligent than any of my cats! Either way, I hope your fur-babies also enjoy the site and the weather. Have fun at Road too!

CA Bobbie said...

Oh my gosh ,having clicked on the "Dumb and Dumber" link I understand the "Fang" name--but I did LOL about the name change for the biting Smitty. After they go back to instincts isn't it amazing how quickly they
return to our loving pets!!! My doggies and kitties were the best, went everywhere with the kids and I.
Have a good time in Hemet. We used to drive up there every Jan for their quilt show.

Karen said...

Your neighbor kitty seems to be a Maine coon cat. They are typically an easy going breed. Hope for Smitty this will hold true. Looks to be a quiet and easy going few days. I'll be enjoying it with you.
Can't wait for the quilt show. Yummy!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Nice to see you Nomads settle for a bit. Better neighbor kitties than woofies. I hope your 'long' stay is restful. I, too, look forward to the quilt show thru your eyes.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Your neighbors are pretty trusting to give their kitty the freedom to come and go as it pleases. I'd be too worried that it would get lost...or something worse. Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy while you are there. Your life is never dull.
Be Safe
xx, Carol

piecefulwendy said...

I don't think Smitty should tussle with that bad boy; he looks like he has an attitude. You have some fun activities planned, except for the JoAnn visit - I'm with you there. I'm excited to hear about Road to California.

Kate said...

I should have read the next post before I commented about Smitty's seemingly lost love for the outdoors. Sounds like you've got a lot of fun things planned for the next 2 weeks.

QuiltGranma said...

Aw, Have Cats Will Travel! Good Smitty keeping Miss Sadie safe from other bad creatures...

Lyndsey said...

I can't believe this is the last time I read a blog post. I've started the long road to catch up. Your new rig looks amazing. the wax job should keep it looking sharp.