Quilt Shop: Durango Quilt Company; Durango, Colorado

Lucky us to stumble upon Durango Quilt Company in our travels yesterday. My friend "Unknown" informed us we'd go right past it on the road we were traveling. I'd kind of heard of it before this trip, but didn't realize we'd be driving right by. We didn't have to deviate from our path even one block to see it, so what the heck? Their large parking lot that would easily accommodate our big rig was inviting too.

I was a little confused about where to enter. There were double doors around front...

and a smaller side door to the left in that image above. Seeing the hours posted and the "open" sign convinced me to take the side door. I think I came in through the back, and this is what I saw.

The shop was in a bit of disorder. They were just a few weeks away from moving to a new location. From the road, one can see a for sale sign posted for the building. Because of the move, most everything in the store was on sale, which was a good thing for me. It made it a good day to visit. There were tables of bolts like the ones below where all the fabric was 50% off.

These one-yard cuts were buy 4 and get the 5th one free.

Also, all their sample quilts, formerly hung on the walls, were for sale.

This seems to be a store mostly devoted to batiks, and they had lots of pretty ones in all colors.

I might have been tempted by those pastels below, except I'm sworn off fabric for a bit unless it's to be used in a particular project. Honestly, I cannot store any more fabric in my sewing room, and I doubt I can use what I have in the length of life left to me. (She says, before telling you what she ended up buying.)

There was a whole roomful of wools and flannels.

There were a few Christmas prints. I suppose it's just a tad early for Christmas, and in any case, I expect they'll have more once they move to their new location.

This beautiful panel caught my eye. I dared not look at the price because I doubt I could have resisted had it been on sale....but I did. Yay, me.

These panels were all on sale. I have the Dream Big panel sandwiched for quilting...the one you see there on the right. It's a great panel for practicing free motion quilting.

Oh boy...I was mightily tempted by these colorful prints on black. Some good binding fabrics there.

They had quite a few calicoes.

And I looked closely at these red and white fabrics, and the digital prints below. You might recognize the one on the lower shelf, fourth from the right.

I used it in my flamingo quilt last year.

In the back room, they had a nice selection of patterns...


and a wall of thread. I love all that color.

Also a supply of embroidery patterns from Crabapple Hill Studios. I didn't see anything here that I didn't already have at home.

This one was cute, but I didn't see a pattern for it.

Now these...they proved too difficult to resist. Besides, I might need to stave off stitchery starvation (awesome alliteration) if I finish up the Farm Fresh Eggs before we get home.

There were two patterns, each containing two seasons. Despite having visited quilt shops in Minnesota, this is a designer I've not seen before. Their website says they specialize in small quilts and traditional designs.

They come with buttons included.

They are to be worked in wool, but I'll probably just use my regular quilter's cottons.

Cute, huh?

Well, with everything on sale and my future regional quilt to consider, I came away with a few things. Of course, the two patterns above. And then, you might remember this fabric below. I have the black and white version at home. This red and white version was on the sale table, and so I picked up a yard of it.

Also, a yard of this one. It was on sale too. It will make a good embroidery background fabric.

For my regional print, I picked up a yard of this aspen fabric. I can see this one in one of the Four Fabric Forest quilts I've made before. It would make a good binding fabric too. I have in mind to use it in my next "shop hop" quilt. The next one will be a Polaroid quilt.

So there you go. I had a good time snooping around this shop with all their steals of deals. I'd love to make a return visit to their new location, but that will have to wait for another trip. I believe they'll be moved in as of October 1st, but honestly, I didn't pay much attention to the informational signs they had posted. If you find yourself in Durango, this is a can't-miss-it quilt shop.

There is still one more quilt shop to tell you about from our travels yesterday. I'll tell you about Cortez Quilt Company in a separate post.

7 comments from clever and witty friends:

Katie said...

There's a lot there, but I am giggling at the yellow snow (flakes). Yes, I might be 5 inside this grown-up body... But that shop looks amazing and I would have had a hard time passing up such great deals, too.

gpc said...

I love sales, I love batiks, I have no self discipline, so I would have been in big trouble there. And you know I love that birdie fabric, which I do indeed recognize. I get it about not needing to buy new fabric, I am STILL moving boxes of it to the new house, including things I pulled out of the 'donate' pile at the last minute. But I can see plenty plenty that I would have simply had to have. You, at least, sew every day, so you deserve it!

Shasta Matova said...

That does look like a good place. Hopefully their new place will be as convenient for you.

Gretchen Weaver said...

I love Red Button kits, I've picked them up at national quilt shows. Isn't it so much fun to stop at a shop and they're having a moving sale!

piecefulwendy said...

I didn't know about Red Button. I'll have to check that out if we head to Bemidji in the future. Cute patterns! Love that red and white fabric, and the aspens will be great for your next shop hop quilt!

Lyndsey said...

The shop looks fabulous and I've seen the red button patterns before and like them. Good choices on your purchases.

quiltzyx said...

You have some mighty self-control there girlie! 50% OFF!!! Yikes, would I have been in trouble!