It was a day of disappointment yesterday, but I'm not giving up. For one thing, the poppy has pooped out. This morning, I went out to take a look. The bud turned brown yesterday. When I looked at it today, the gap in the green where I could see the petals below had closed. I peeled it back to reveal a rotten and slimy flower inside. Well, poo.

Okay, so there are still 7 buds left on the plant. I'm thinking a blast of summer followed by too much rain did this one in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the remaining buds. And no way I can blame this guy.

Also, I made this rather labor-intensive Fresh Strawberry Mousse for Two. It looks pretty in its picture, doesn't it?

The recipe appealed to me for many reasons, not the least of which was straining out all the seeds and solids from the strawberry puree. I could make it seedless for Mike without having to cut the seeds of the sides of so many berries. As it stands in the picture above, I cut the seeds of two strawberries for the garnish. I gave Mike the seedless garnish and kept the seedy sides for my own. Then I gave it a little dollop of whipped cream because any good tasting dessert always tastes better with more whipped cream.

So, what's the problem, you ask? Well, it was kind of soupy. It was only barely approaching "mousse" consistency, and was more like eating a very thick strawberry milkshake with a spoon. I made the recipe exactly as written, and so I'm not sure why it failed. I'm going to try it again though...which is what makes me "undaunted"...only this time I'll let it sit overnight. I might also up the amount of unflavored gelatin just a smidge. And, really, I have no idea why this failed. It was flavorful the way we ate it, and so it's worth giving it another try. With strawberries just coming into season, there will be plenty available for practice.

The only thing that went right yesterday was the sewing. One side of the 48 blocks is made now.

I was in the process of cutting the pieces for the other side when I stopped for the day yesterday.

Today I'm going to do all the cutting so that I can get the piles of fabric off my workspace. I need to make up the next block for the Dancing Chickens and Flying Pigs quilt. My embroidered barn is coming to a close, and I can't run out of slow stitching to do. Oh no...now that would be a disaster. So Guatemala will need to wait for a bit while I do that, and then I'll get right back to it.

We're invited for dinner at Erik and Mae's house tomorrow for a little Memorial Day celebration. It really has nothing to do with Memorial Day, but it's a good enough excuse. Erik is smoking chicken four different ways in his new smoker barbecue. I'm making two salads today to take along tomorrow. There's plenty to keep me busy today, and so there's no time to waste. But first...a little funeral for the poppy. 😭 We'll be crying buckets of tears.

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You are so funny!!!!
sorry about the poppy though--
you wait and wait and then--nothing--
we will hopw that the other buds will bloom beautifully!!!
luv, di

Quilting Babcia said...

We are still waiting for our poppies to bloom, usually have them by now. This year today is the first day I've even seen buds. I love those Guatemalan fabrics, they will make a fabulous quilt!

mangozz said...

Hopefully, your poppies will get some much needed sun soon to save the other buds from the same fate. Those Guatemalan fabrics look like they will make a very cozy quilt or throw. Such beautiful colors!

Gretchen Weaver said...

Poppies are temperamental. I didn't have any buds on mine this year, too much rain, crappy spring! Hope the rest of the buds come through for you.

Kate said...

Sorry the poppy wasn't able to make it's show debut. Hopefully you'll have some luck with the others. Enjoy the family time today. I think the SIT and My Guy have plans for our dinner tonight.

piecefulwendy said...

I'm so sorry about the poppy bud. I hope the others make a better showing; I'm so curious to see what they will look like! And then to have the mousse not mousse! Some days are like that, no? I'm sure you'll get the recipe tweaked and working soon. We had two lovely days of sun here; this morning it is pouring rain. I might sneak into the sewing room today. We'll see.

kc said...

Oh, bummer. On both counts - poppy and mousse! Oh well, you have 6 more chances on the flower, and lots more on the berries. We *did* go to our Strawberry Festival, but I managed to restrain myself and only bought about a quart of berries. Most of them were simply sliced and eaten, raw, with a SC fresh peach, also simply sliced up. Yum city!

We move towards the mountains in a day or so, and their berries are just coming in, so we'll also have ample opportunity to stock up (just no room, so we must eat up as quick as we get 'em!).

Enjoy the day with the kids!

Natureluvr57 said...

I don't think I ever had a mousse. I know custards, fudge & my divinity can be fussy because of humidity so if it's rainy or humid I have to cook longer or add a bit more of the thickener. I think and hope your next trial will be a success. I'm Midwest Zone 5 and I've never seen my poppies do that. It reminds me of the carnivorous plant in Little Shop of Horros (I think that was the title). I think it's fascinating how the buds droop and then they begin to straighten up when it's close to blooming. I always called them little aliens. I hope the others bloom beautifully. I haven't been able to plant seeds-it's been raining almost daily. I'm glad I got my tomatoes planted last week-I buy plants since our growing season is short. Enjoy the stitching-that's what I'm about to do

quiltzyx said...

The blocks of Guatemala are looking quite swell! The one photo of the stack of strips makes me think of a flying carpet. :)

Sad little pooped poppy. Glad to see that a couple others have since bloomed!