More Flowers

There were several stops to make along the way when I drove into town yesterday. I needed to stop at the pharmacy, and then I drove to the feed store to get potting soil and bird seed. Then, on to the gardening section of our local megamart where I picked up these pretties for the three patio pots. There are snapdragons, gerbera daisies, and linaria (also known as "toadflax").

The gerbera daisies were selected at a moment when my brain was apparently offline. Rebooting, perhaps. I specifically avoided planting them along the sidewalk because I can never get them to rebloom. So what do I do but go into the garden shop and pick three for the patio pots. In my defense, I'll say that the patio pots get more sun. Maybe I'll have better luck with them there.

After that, it was a mad dash through the grocery store. I'm thinking I should probably rig up some sort of wearable red lights and siren for those grocery store rush jobs because my shopping cart stops for no one when I'm moving fast. There are leftovers for the next three nights, and so I was just quickly picking up a few things before making my escape back home. All tolled, I was out and back in less than two hours, which just might be a new world record.

Once there, I unloaded everything, ate some lunch, took a short nap, and then got busy with my sewing. This is going very slowly. Yesterday, I sewed just three 4 x 4 sections together. These sections brought in the first of the black and yellow fabrics. The black is left over from a McKenna Ryan project. There will be quite a few of her fabrics going into this quilt.

Smitty did his part keeping the fabrics under control.

The weather has been nice, and the kitties have enjoyed their afternoon sunbaths. Usually Smitty lies in this spot in the dining room. He was out on the catio, and so Sadie enjoyed it in his place.

Smitty loves his perch in the catio. I've even seen him here when the catio door is opened and he's free to roam.

Ahhhhhhhhh...this is the life!

This morning we awakened to red and glowing skies.

Temperatures in the low 70's are predicted for today, although we're usually cooler here at the top of the hill.

My day will be mostly sewing. Matthew flies into Portland late this evening, back from his Guatemala adventure. It doesn't seem as if he's been gone nearly two months, but he has. We're looking forward to seeing him again. Right now, it's up in the air whether I'll go to his house tomorrow and pick him up, or whether we'll drive his van to the airport and leave it for him tonight. We've been communicating via messages, but I suspect he's in the air right now. No firm plans yet. None of that will affect my day today, however. Like I said...mostly sewing, but with such nice weather, I'll probably get out for a walk.

7 comments from clever and witty friends:

Quilting Tangent said...

You are lucky you can plant flowers and other plants. At my place it becomes an all you can eat buffet for the animals. Now I try to deal with the wildflowers they sometimes leave alone.

Sally Trude said...

Oh dear Smitty...I've heard that some can't handle moonshine, but you should take it a little easy on the sunshine!



Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Lovely flowers. Your kitties have The Life of Riley, don't they. As do my Dogs. If my dogs laid on fabric pieces, they would be scattered all over when they jumped down. I mostly have to keep them out of my sewing room because our newest addition to the family thinks my pincushions are balls. I sometimes forget to put them in a drawer because that little Min Pin can jump up 6' without taking a hop first.
xx, Carol

piecefulwendy said...

I do the same thing with Gerbera, and I can never get them to rebloom. Each year, I get sucked in again though, determined to make them bloom again. Last year, I even asked the clerk what to do. She suggested thinning out the leaves at the base of the plant so the light can get there, to help with blooms. It actually worked, once, I think. Ha! Smitty always seems to be the "proper" kitty, so seeing him in his full out sprawl had me chuckling. Somedays I'd like to be a cat, just to be able to take a sun nap like that.

ckrut said...

I have the same problem with Gerberas, but they're so pretty. Love the kitties, but how do you get them to come back in. I have one that I can't even let out anymore because I have to chase him all over to get him to come back in the house. He makes me feel guilty by laying his head on his paws and staring longingly out the window.

quiltzyx said...

Your boxes full of flowers are quite lovely - as I'm sure they we also be in the patio pots. I actually brought a couple of roses from the Tortured Flower Garden in to my friend Kay at work today. My Jasmine are still blooming & making things oh so aromatic!
Smitty was being such a good helper when he & Sadie weren't taking sun baths. :)
Welcome home Matthew!

Brown Family said...

Beautiful skys!