A Do-Nothing Day

We're both still recovering from a day of weeding and other yard work, and so we were feeling too lazy to clean out the greenhouse yesterday. Today it's happening. For sure. It can't go another week, because I really need to get some seeds started. So, it was an easy decision to head into town when I decided I urgently needed to visit an office supply store. After picking up some envelopes, we had lunch in town and then headed for home. The kitties were sitting together on the catio when we drove up.

When someone tapped on the laundry room window, they turned around in unison. Now who would tap on the window like that?

While they were outside playing, I made one quilt block. This is the one I was working on when I left off.

Before we headed into town, I started dinner in the slow cooker. This turned out to be really good. The image below is one I swiped off the internet, but the recipe was a keeper. It was a Slow Cooker Thai Beef Curry. It's one of the recipes on the diet.

The diet called for a side dish of some snow peas, which seemed kind of weird with a stew. To my way of thinking, the dishes don't work out right. How do you serve a side dish when you're main course is in a bowl? So I made a few changes to the recipe. For one thing, I couldn't get snow peas, and so I got sugar snap peas. And then I wondered why one would serve snow peas when the stew itself had "haricots verts," which seems to be the new snotty French name for green beans. Anyway, I was going to use regular green beans, but then...always thinking...I decided to throw in the sugar snap peas instead. It turned out to be a good choice. Also, I only used about half as much spinach as the recipe said. This makes a truly delicious broth. If you like that coconut milk soup they serve in Thai restaurants, you'll love this make-at-home version. Mike and I agreed this could easily be made with chicken instead of beef. Throw in a few sliced mushrooms, and you'll have the restaurant dish. This was quick and easy to get started, and simple enough to do in the RV. I love that in any new recipe.

Toward the end of the day, I looked out and noticed the clouds turning pink at the front of the house.

We get the sunset on both sides of the house, and so I ran around back to look too. We've had some interesting cloud formations recently as the gray gloom makes way for bluer skies.

Cleaning out the greenhouse is the only thing special we have planned for Easter. Mike is going to do another pork tenderloin in his Traeger grill. The one we had last week was so good, we wanted to have it again right away.

So, however you celebrate Easter, I hope it's a lovely day for you.

As for me...slow stitching is next.

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Happy Easter, Friend--and hubby and fur balls!!!
It is overcast here in NY today--though it is getting a bit brighter out--
so maybe we will get some sun today--yet--
just quiet here--and slow stitching and knitting today--
luv, di

quiltzyx said...

Happy Easter to Three Cats Ranch from the basement of the Claremont Colleges!

I know you will be glad to have the greenhouse cleared out & ready for new Poisonous Wolf Peaches & lettuce. Seems I remember that last year you had it cleaned out in a jiff - hope it was the same this time.

The Thai Beef Curry looks quite tasty. I've been thinking about actually cooking something lately. I did actually put together some salads for dinner last week. Hah!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

We have been working in the yard. Re-landscaping to an view with easier upkeep. We are no longer able to maintain what it takes to keep the weeds out. I have been fighting it, but gave in this spring. Our bodies are aching but it sure feels great to be out in the spring temperatures that Mother Nature finally sent our way. Work outside, shower, cup of coffee and slow stitching. Feels great.
xx, Carol

piecefulwendy said...

I pretty much spent the whole day slow-stitching yesterday. Nothing blog worthy, so I didn't even write a post. Sometimes I just have to let it go. That thai dish sounds delicious; I might have to give that a go. I'm within 2 pounds of my first 20-pounds down, so I'm ready for some new recipes. I think Wilbur needs a catio . . .

Brown Family said...

We spent Easter recovering from Saturday!