The Green Green Grass of Home

My friend Sue and I got out for a walk yesterday morning. It was the first time we'd walked since last August. We had lovely weather for it, if just a bit chilly. The chill was nice for exercising, and eventually, we were both too warm. The recent rains have certainly been good for the countryside. The wheat was coming up, about 8 inches tall now.

Rounding the first corner of our loop, we came to my most-photographed barn.

And how could I resist taking pictures of every blooming thing? This rhododendron is in bloom. Ours at home (and higher elevation) are barely getting started.

Recently, I upgraded to a new iPhone. The new one has more features on the camera, and I did some experimenting. It still isn't as good as my Nikon point-and-shoot, but it fits conveniently in my pocket, which is an excellent feature.

Take a look at this apple tree. Apple trees are in bloom all over the valley right now.

Here's a close-up.

Also, the tulips are at their best right now.

I'm not sure what kind of a tree this is, but it was lovely.

One of the valley neighbors has added a herd of cows since we last walked this loop.

As we rounded the third corner of our loop, we were treated to this view of the valley and Mt. St. Helens in the background. You can barely see Mt. Rainier to its left. Walking on, we could also see Mt. Adams.

Why did the raccoon cross the road? I don't know, but he left his muddy footprints behind.

Sue had gifts for me from Christmas. I had a few things I picked up along the way for her too. She gave me these kitty slippers, which is kind of a tradition between us.

Also, remember this sign I saw on a bench as Mike and I walked the Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island?

If I'm remembering correctly, I texted this image to Sue and told her I hoped someone would do something like this for us some day. Sue just took the bull by the horns and went ahead with it. Who says you have to die to honor a good friend?

Now I'm thinking we'll get a park bench for our field, which is something I've wanted for a long time, and hang this plaque there.

There was no sewing yesterday except to make a little more progress on the latest Sundress block.

There's just that little bit at the bottom to finish. I'm hoping to finish it up this morning. That tiny chain stitch takes forever.

Now I'm about to tell you a little secret I've been holding on to. Remember that RV we looked at in South Carolina? If not, you can click on that link I just gave you. Well. When the jack on the current RV broke for the third time while we were in New Orleans, Mike called the dealer and put in a special order for a new one.

This morning, he left to drive back to South Carolina to pick it up. Why South Carolina, you ask? Because they gave us the best deal...like a really, really super deal...and so it was worth the drive to purchase it from them. It's a long drive for Mike, but it was the most efficient and cost-effective way to get it back home. Of course, he'll have the RV on the drive back, and so it'll be kind of fun for him to have the whole place to himself on his drive home. (Besides, he can get the kinks worked out while he's at it.) And that means I'll be a feral woman for the next few weeks. I expect I'll get lots of sewing done.

13 comments from clever and witty friends:

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great plaque. Better to honor while alive, than after death, if possible. Way to go Sue. And I'm seeing another road trip in the near future. Gotta test that new RV. Smitty might have something to say about that.

Scrapatches said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful place. May we all honor love and friendship in the living years ... <3 Pat

liniecat said...

I did wonder of your pal Sue was missing the companionable walking!
Love the plaque LOL such a lovely thing to have and enjoy looking at it now, rather than others doing so long after you've both stopped the walking : )

That looks like an ornamental cherry tree, they are so pretty till the wind blows the petals everywhichwhere, although it does look like pink snow flakes when that happens which is quite pretty.


So glad you and your friend Sue are able to get back to walking again on your loop and what a beautiful country loop it is!! Love the plaque sign how sweet!!! and I love those kitty slippers--cute cute cute!!! wonder what Smitty and Sadie will think about them when you wear them??? A will be praying for Hubby to have a safe and quick trip to pick up the new RV--and you behave yourself while he is gone--ok!!!!!

QuiltShopGal said...

What a beautiful walk. Not sure I'd ever want to leave it, as it is so beautiful. And, to share it with such a wonderful friend is also very special. Good job on the steps.

Debbie said...

I was OMG over the plaque....how great is that and good reason to buy a bench! But the RV....coming to SC for an RV? OMG again! What a deal that must have been. Hoping for safe travels for Mike as he journeys across the country. For sure you can be wild while he is gone, We won't tell.
Loved the photo walk especially the apple tree.

gpc said...

I, too, love the idea of the plaque -- what a great gift to give yourselves! Wow, Mike doesn't waste any time! We would take a million years to reach that kind of decision so I am very impressed. Tempted to fly down and meet him for the trip back?

Anorina Morris said...

You live in such a beautiful part of the world. Thank you for sharing with us.

piecefulwendy said...

Somehow I apparently missed that post back in December, but wow, what a fantastic RV! Pretty exciting stuff going on for you. Feral woman, huh? Hahaha! I'll be waiting to hear what you are up to. I'm sure you'll find plenty of trouble to get into! Hope the trip goes well and safely for Mike. The plaque is very cool, what a great way to celebrate and commemorate a friendship!

Kate said...

Glad you and Sue were able to get in a walk. Love the slippers and the plaque. Safe travels to Mike. That's going to be some RV!

Stitches said...

What a treasured friendship you have with Sue, I love the plaque!! Your pictures are just beautiful and your area is too! Here in Iowa,we have had a hard time getting Spring to arrive but hopefully, it is here at last! Love your blog!

Brown Family said...

That is a beautiful RV. How long is it and how many pull outs does it have? I assume there is a window for the catio?

QuiltGranma said...

I checked out the link to your visit in NC. Did you hear any of those fiddler crabs music? Or is that just a shell game?