When I left off yesterday afternoon, I was drumming my fingers waiting to cut into the loaf of bread I'd just taken from the oven. Wanna see it again? Please say yes.

Okay, well, so I went downstairs, and about that time Mike came in the house and said, "That bread sure looks good."

And I begged, "Want me to cut it?!?!?"

He suggested we wait a little longer, but I urged him on. Honestly...Men, and their inability to delay gratification.

When I laid hands on it, I decided it truly was cool enough, and so I cut off the first slice. Oh yum.

Mike put peanut butter on his, and I had a thin slather of butter. ("Thin slather." Is that an oxymoron?)  Anyway...dee-licious! This morning we shared a toasted slice with our favorite breakfast of avocado toast topped with a poached egg. We always had this breakfast on driving days when we were traveling because it was so quick, easy, and tasty. I like mine with some homemade tomato jam on top. And we still have a few of those good California avocados left.

After breakfast, I finished stitching all the flowers in this section of the Friendship's Garden block. Now, I just need to stitch the rest of the words, and I'll move my hoop to the next section.

Yesterday afternoon, I surprised myself by getting January's blue blocks finished for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. These actually go together pretty fast.

Today I'll get to work on the black and white blocks. My quota for the month is to make 16 of them

Today is a mostly sewing day, but we have a few errands to run in town. Also, I need to plan the menu and grocery shopping list for the rest of the week. The kids will be here for dinner on Saturday, and I want to get things going ahead of time.

We had a nice day of weather yesterday, but we're back to the Portland gloom today. It's supposed to be with us well into next week. Yeah...great to be home to this wet spring weather.

11 comments from clever and witty friends:

Linda said...

Gorgeous bread and nice crumb! I would have put several "thin slathers" on mine and would have begged you for the "heel". :)
Pretty blue blocks!

NancyA said...

Ok, that is twice in the same week that I have heard of Avocado Toast! (Joanna Gaines from “Fixer Upper” mentioned it in their last show.) Never heard of it before, but I am a northerner, so that could explain it. Now I am curious. How do you fix it-is it just mashed avocado spread on toast, or is it more like guacamole?

Love this new quilt you are starting! The b/w strings are a great background for the rainbow colors.

Also wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your trip around the USA this fall and winter. I haven’t commented before because my internet access is spotty at our snowbird home, but I followed along on your journey—living vicariously. Loved all the details and wonderful pix. Thank you for taking us along.

sunny said...

That is one beee-yoo-tiful loaf of bread!!!

DeeDee said...

That might be the most perfect loaf of bread I've ever seen! Nice! And your string blocks have me itching to get into my scrap bins. Thanks for the inspiration.

Kate said...

Home baked bread is the best (unless you are watching your waistline). I'm lucky that My Guy likes to play in the kitchen and I get the benefits of that. You are moving right along with your RSC blocks. Hope you got in lots of stitching after all your errands.

piecefulwendy said...

Oh my, that bread came out beautifully! Thin slather, I totally understand, oxymoron or no. I usually go for a medium to thick slather. Haha. At any rate, ya gotta have buttah for lovely bread like that! I've got to try avocado toast. I've tried the recipe where you bake the egg in the hollow of the avocado and it was okay. I think I'd enjoy toast more. Those blue string blocks are so bright and happy. Good job on whipping them up so quickly!

QuiltGranma said...

I was just looking at flower plants e-mail just before you, and the blue string blocks remind me so much of the blue pin-cushion flower that they showed! Love that flower and not just for its name. And the BREAD! Oh, YUM! Enjoy the liquid spring, that makes for the beautiful green where you live!

Lyndsey said...

Your bread looks amazing and the avocado and egg is my favourite weekend breakfast. I love the blue blocks, very pretty. I need to catch up with this years RSC as I haven't started yet but I have a sewing day on Saturday.

Lorraine said...

What a beautiful loaf of bread!!!

Brown Family said...

Your bread id beautiful! You are getting closer to your monthly goal on the Rain Bow Quilt!

quiltzyx said...

My mouth is so watering after seeing that beautiful boule sliced up! I will have to try avocado toast one of these days...

Lovely blue strings for the rainbow scrap challenge! Girl, you are just zooming along!