Wine and Conversation

We had a really nice afternoon with our friends Debi and Jim yesterday. Debi and I were in high school band together. We haven't stayed in touch so much over the years, but met up again at a reunion a few years back. We had so much fun catching up and getting reacquainted after decades with no contact, and now we're staying in regular communication. Debi and Jim are members at the two wineries we visited yesterday, which meant there were a few perks involved.

As I've mentioned before, we are members at a few wineries back home. Oregon wineries and tasting rooms are very nice, but they do not match the size and opulence of the wineries here in Temecula. We stopped first at Robert Renzoni Vineyards.

Look at this beautiful tasting room. On the left side was a small restaurant.

We stopped off inside the tasting room and chose a glass of wine. We took that outside to the restaurant and ordered lunch, which was delicious. Mike had a meatball sandwich, and I had a vegetarian sandwich. Both were so good, we might have to go back again just for the sandwiches! Yum.

Inside the tasting room was a gift shop. I always enjoy the funny signs.

This was on a baby's onesie:

We spent most of the afternoon there, but then drove down the road just about a mile to Leoness Cellars. And this was lovely. Off in the distance in the next image is someone's private residence. It's a shame how some people are forced to live, isn't it?

Off to its left, one can see the top of Palomar Observatory.

Here, we tasted more wines and then spent the remainder of the afternoon gabbing in their members' lounge, which was very comfortable. The weather was perfect.

There were more funny signs inside the tasting room. I liked this one.

Probably I needed this book, but I just thumbed through it a little bit. I couldn't say I disagreed with anything I read there.

Back outside, I liked the juxtaposition of this old tractor with the private residence in the background.

We said our good-byes to Debi and Jim for spending such a nice afternoon with us, and then headed back to the Three Cats Ranch RV.


It's never a good sign when they're showing so much interest in something like this. As it turns out, it was nothing more sinister than a toy mouse. We do get real mice in the trailer from time to time, however, and so one can never be too careful.

Yesterday morning I finished up the first hooping of the Heart & Home block.

Now I've moved northwest, and that's where I'll start this morning.

Mike was expecting delivery of his rear tire shock absorbers, and he was planning to put those on today. He received a FedEx notifcation that they were delivered late in the day yesterday, but not here. So, hm. They may be down at the RV park office. Fingers crossed. If that's the case, he'll put those on, and I'll just hang out. Grocery shopping is on the agenda as well.

7 comments from clever and witty friends:


Beautiful country wine photos--if I ever move back to NY state-you will have to come and visit me--cause I live in wine country there--I lived at the end of Seneca Lake-(south end) and all around the whole lake on both sides of the lake every 1/4 mile is a winery-or brewery now--Not joking--there really is--and they all have have tastings!!! so be sure to put the Finger Lakes on your next bucket list!!!
love the photo of the cats--
enjoy, di

Linda said...

We haven't visited a winery in all our 69 years. There were even some in Oklahoma when we lived there, but we kept putting it off. One of these days . . .
Lol on the toy mouse and the book about learning from cats.
I can't tell you how much I look forward to reading your blog (and I've read a LOT of blogs). It just hits my spot.

crazy quilter said...

Such pretty scenery at those wineries. Looks so fun and inviting. Oh so glad just a toy mouse and not a real one but you have the right kitties to handle the real ones too. Keep on having fun !

Kate said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day. Good friends, great scenery and wine (and no real mouse in the RV).

piecefulwendy said...

Well, I'll have to second Di's comment to you about the wineries in the Finger Lakes region. We stayed on Seneca Lake a few years ago in a vacation rental. Just down the road from us was the White Owl Winery. We spent a lovely afternoon there. That area is definitely worth the visit, not only for the wine but also for the beauty. However, now you make me want to visit wine country in California. Glad you enjoyed your day!

Brown Family said...

Glad you had a good time with friends. I like the country side shopt

quiltzyx said...

More gorgeous shots at the winery! Glad you had a good time with old friends.

Happy to hear it was just a play mouse this time....