These are the People in my Neighborhood

Along with getting back on our diets, I've recommitted to the 10K step goal on FitBit. Every little thing, right? When I first got a FitBit, I was all in on the 10K goal, and it was a good goal. And then, I forget what happened...I got sick, or something...and the goal got lost in the shuffle, and it was never resumed. But, like I said, it's a good goal, and so I'm going to get back to it. Boring, I know. I promise to rarely mention it. But it's a good lead-in to this post, so bear with me, okay?

With that in mind, I had some jeans to wash, and so I walked from the RV to the laundry room and back three times yesterday: once to start the laundry, once to put it in the dryer, and once to collect it. Disappointingly, this only earned me 1,500 steps per trip. And that meant I needed to get out and do some more walking if I was to reach my goal. Along the way, I figured I'd take some pictures and show you the area.

So, we're a little crammed in here, but it isn't too bad. Between each space is a hedge for some privacy...and, you know...good fences, and all that. We're pressed up against the San Jacinto Mountains. You can see some snow up top there. It's an agricultural area, and so, surprisingly green by Southern California standards.

Just a few "streets" down is what we affectionately refer to as the "driving range," if you're into that.

We started coming here about ten years ago. The trees were already tall, but they've grown even taller since then. I love the many date palms planted on the grounds.

And I don't know what kind of a tree this is, but they're very pretty, and quite tall now.

And this is a huge park. It's really a little community unto itself, as I'll show you in a minute. I was walking around the perimeter on this walk. When I got to the far end, I could see all the way to the opposite end. As you can see, it extends on to infinity and beyond! (I always like that line from Buzz Light Year. I say it as often as possible.)

As you might guess, I took pictures of every blooming thing. I'll tell you...this is one of the things I most miss about living in a warmer climate...the bougainvillia. So beautiful. They come in many colors.

This was someone's potted barrel cactus, just starting to bloom.

This is one of those cuddly little hedgehog cacti, also just starting to bloom.

What are these? Chrysanthemums? African Daisies? It doesn't really matter what they're called. They're pretty.

This is pyracantha.

Snapdragons. These are planted near the gate entrance to the RV park.

Pansies and ornamental cabbages.

Near the pool, there were blooming Bird of Paradise. I took quite a few pictures here. They might be good candidates for the Ruth McDowell style of quilts. Did I tell you I signed up for another class with Ann Shaw in May? I did. I'll say more about that later.

This is growing near the office/clubhouse/mail room area.

Okay, now allow me to get all maudlin for a second. So...I'm no stranger to loss both in my personal life, and because I worked with grieving families when I was a practicing social worker. One thing I learned about loss, and especially when it hits home personally, is that it can leave you feeling as if you've had the rug pulled out from under you. With the loss of a loved one, one's purpose and future plans can also be lost, and then what? And the thing everyone will tell you is that you shouldn't make important decisions while you're grieving, right? And so how are you supposed to know what to do next, especially when change is inevitable.

So with that in mind and without ever really making it any sort of goal, I've created a Plan B for myself. I hope Mike and I live a long time, but things happen, and change can come literally in a split second. My Plan B is to come here...to this RV park...and purchase a park model similar to this one. There are quite a few in the park. They're a sort of half-length single wide manufactured home, and they're actually very nice for just one person...or even two people who really like one another. This is only one style.

Here's another at the far end of the park that's for sale. There's another one next door to it. Some people use the back half of that carport to add on a small room or a screened in patio.

And who knows if I'll eve need to enact Plan B, but it gives me comfort to know what I'll do next if the worst should happen. This is a nice little community, and I could be happy here.

So moving on...hummingbirds.

And other yard art.

Here's the horseshoe pit. Have I ever introduced you to my shadow self? She always comes with me when I walk on sunny days. When it rains...nah...she stays behind.

This is a putting green, although these folks were using it to play bocce ball yesterday...or maybe it was lawn bowling. I wasn't really sure.

These are the sand volleyball courts. Mike likes to play volleyball. There are also pickle ball courts and shuffleboard, of course.

The pool area is very nice and the pool is always pristine. There are actually three pools here. Two are used for water volleyball games and water exercise. There are also three hot tubs here. They are three different temperatures. Think Goldilocks.

And there's more. I'll show you some more of the park on future walks. After walking around the perimeter of the park, I still needed 1,500 steps, and so Mike got out with me for that final push to my goal...and yes, I did make it. Time to start again today.

Now here's something...Shitty Smitty is still trying to kiss and make up since biting my hand.

As for my hand, it's looking pretty good. I still have a couple of days left on the antibiotic, but the redness and bruising have faded. It's still slightly swollen, but the wound is healing.

And this little person here...she's gazing down at Smitty, considering whether to kick the beehive or not. She likes to start something up and then whine and cry and get Smitty in trouble. 

And after biting me, it isn't hard to get him in trouble. No biting, Mister.

Also, yesterday, I finished the top half of the fifth Snow Globe block.

Now I've moved the hoop so that I can stitch up the bottom half and finish it. And then...a new project!

Also today, in addition to endeavoring to get in my 10k steps, there is a Farmer's Market. It happens every Tuesday. We're really hoping to score some locally grown avocados. We bought some from a couple of boys selling them on the street our last visit down here. They were like butter...delicious. Mike's dad used to grow avocados prior to his death in 1995. And here's a story about him.

Our name, "Stanbro," isn't difficult. It's pronounced exactly how it's spelled, and thus, spelled exactly how it's pronounced. That doesn't stop us from getting all sorts of weird pronunciations, spellings, and weirdly-addressed mail. Some of our favorites from his mom and dad were addressed to his dad, who's name was "Harold Albert" To-wit:

Harold A. St. Anbro

but our favorite by far was this one. Think about his initials:

Hastan Bros.

So forever after, he'd send us shipments of avocados with the return address of "Hastan Bros. Orchards." Geez, I miss the avocados. But I miss the man even more.

Okay...so I know you'll be waiting on tenterhooks to find out whether we scored any avocados. I'll be sure to let you know in my next post.

10 comments from clever and witty friends:


What a delightful park--pretty and well planned out by the looks of things--and I would love live in one of those tiny homes!!!
thanks for all the photos--
enjoy, di

Quilting Tangent said...

Beautiful pictures, thanks for the flowers. Another North easter due in.

Jan @Cocoa Quilts said...

I'm with you on the 10,000 each day. I really have to get it done first thing in the morning or I am distracted and it never happens. MIssed it for a few weeks when we were on vacation, but now I'm home and getting to it No quilting until my 10,000 is done. Good luck on your 10 for tomorrow.

CJ Smith said...

When I lived in the San Fernando valley my next door neighbor had a huge avocado tree in the front yard. I had carte blanche to help myself when they were ripe. Nothing better than a perfectly ripened home grown avocado. I hope you score BIG TIME!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

It looks like a lovely park with lots of activities - and it's close to Temecula. Just love seeing all the blooming things - we are in for another snow bomb.

gpc said...

A Plan B is a good idea, something to hang onto if the worst happens because under those circumstances, the brain just shuts down for a good long time. I need me one of those. We all do, so good for you.

Sandra W said...

I agree that a plan B is a good idea. I think being single can be very hard. I'm travelling in Spain and it's pretty clear that travelling is for couples. You see everyone in couples, with the occasional group of women.

I would think twice about donating that beautiful quilt. If you think it's a good cause, send them some money. I have seen so many beautiful quilts--involving hours and hours of work--go for amounts like $80 and $150--and that's Canadian dollars! My large guild does these all the time for charities to put in raffles and auctions. They record them in a book--where the funds raised are noted. I was appalled at the paltry amount they earned. It would have been better for every guild member to have contributed 50 cents! When I mentioned this to several guild executive members, the book quietly disappeared from being available to members.

Dots said...

You and your husband have made so many good memoires together. I hope neither of you need a plan B for many long years to come.
I was thinking that you have been traveling around for seven months and how enjoyable it has been that you have shared your pictures and information of places. I learned of places I've never heard of before. I loved the cactus! I didn't know a thing about them. Just so cool! Thanks for blogging.
That is one nice park where you are staying now. Very full, too. I could definitely love living there.

quiltzyx said...

Lotsa bloomin' thangs at that lovely park! I think your Plan B sounds like a reasonable plan, but here's hoping that it's a very long way from being implemented.

The snow globe stitchery is so cute! It's fun to get to see how they come along.

Brown Family said...

Good for you getting back to eating better and walking. I hope you found the avocodas.